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Released: 2009
Notes: Brazzers
  • Natalie Heck as Savanah Gold (Savannah Gold in closing titles)
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Running time: 169 mins. + 35 min. bonus

Natalie finds herself in the company of several other large breasted girls, including Abby Rodes, Riley Evans and Sharon Pink, in a typical American school. Much like pupils around the world, the girls argue in the play ground, have food fights in the dining room and are held back for detention - and lots of sex.

Natalie and Mariah Milano are supposed to be revising in the library, but instead of working the two chat and laugh about their sexual experiences. Their noise is brought to the attention of teacher Tommy Gun who asks the girls to stop. Paying him no attention, they continue till Tommy quietens the pair by thrusting his dick into Natalie's mouth. Her resistance soon wanes as she takes Tommy deep in her mouth. Mariah joins in lapping his balls. With Mariah peeling down her panties, Tommy pushes Natalie's face into her pussy and tells her to lick as he fucks her friend. Stretched out on a bench, Natalie lifts her short plaid skirt. Mariah's tongue darts over her clit. Having seen Mariah take Tommy's rod, Natalie wants some of the action. Climbing onto his shaft, she rides him reverse. A taste of Tommy's dick and it's onto her side for Natalie to be filled spoons. Having learnt their lesson, the girls crouch in front of Tommy as he wanks his cum over their tits. They lick each other and kiss.

Big Tits at School 5 follows the same format as other releases from Brazzers; an incredibly long title sequence (almost 7 minutes) and five decent length scenes, plus a bonus. While the intros to each scene are a little contrived and ponderous, the action when it comes is hot and well performed. The production of the film is generally good, although at times the camera gets into angles which shoot over the top of the set, the lighting rigs and other studio paraphernalia, thus spoiling the illusion of the classroom set. Overall, Big Tits at School 5 is a decent film and a must for bust fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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