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Released: 2008
Notes: Videorama, widescreen
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Running time: 98 mins.

Shot in Germany, Daisy Rock features in both scenes. The first is aimed at the S&M market and for the thrash'n'bash brigade. In the second, Daisy appears with Mia Anderson and a guy with a fetish for feet.

A robed Daisy walks across a petal strewn bathroom floor and lets her gown drop to the floor. Sitting on the edge of the bath, in a fishnet body-stocking, she kicks off her high heel shoes and caresses her body. Massaging a handful of frothing foam over her boobs, she climbs into the bath and relaxes. A toy rests beside the bath taps. Daisy parts her pussy and pops it in. Next, she uses a set of love balls on her arse. As she wanks away, a guy enters with a bunch of roses. Seeing what she's doing, he throws them into the bath. The pair splash about in the water. The guy empties Champagne over Daisy and drips wax from her romantic candles over her tits. Turning Daisy over, he fills her arse with lube and crams in a petal covered dildo. Spraying cream over Daisy's tits, the guy grasps and gropes. Daisy has had enough and lashes out at the guy. Out of the bath and in her high heels, she gets him to lick her feet before ball-gagging him. Bent over the bath, Daisy slaps and punishes his arse, then uses him as an ash tray. With the guy grovelling, Daisy twists his balls and jerks his load into her mouth.

Daisy tongues her way up Mia's stocking clad legs towards her skirt. Then, lifting her black net top, she lets Mia nibble on her nipples. A guy crawls across the room to worship at the feet of the pair. The girls let him lick their shoes as they occupy themselves. Placing a dog collar around the guy's neck, the pair tempt and tease him. Daisy smears her fanny in his face while Mia slaps at his balls. Daisy drops on to all fours and lets the guy probe her arse with his tongue, as she munches at Mia's minge. Squatting over the guy, Daisy fingers her pussy. Mia uses her toes on his cock. The two jerk on his shaft and give him a blow job. Dragged across the room, Mia mounts the guy's cheb as she stuffs a glass toy into Daisy's pussy. The girls swap places and Daisy get shagged spoons. Moving to the bed, the pair get fucked cowgirl and doggy. Daisy and Mia kiss with the guy's cock sandwiched between their lips. Unable to hold back, he squirts his spunk over their waiting mouths.

Although the film starts off nicely, I have to admit that halfway through the first scene the action became a little OTT for my taste. This wasn't helped by Daisy losing her make-up, and one of her eye lashes, as she splashed around in the water - the latter ending up in the middle of her cheek like a hairy caterpillar. The second scene was far more sedate with just a twist of kinkiness. A pity I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I think Ooo!!! Aah!!! is the same in both German and English. If you like your sex on the rough side, then Bizarre Lektion could be for you ... but get your phrase book out.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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