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Released: 2008
Director: Alessandro Del Mar
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Tropical 41: British Virgin Asses
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 76 mins.

Dispensing with any pretence of plot, the action in Alessandro del Mar's movie British Virgin Asses starts as the titles role. Albeit, with Hungarian girl Nesty being banged on a bleached white log rather than a British girl. The next two scenes follow the same pattern with Hungarian Veronica meeting George Uhl on the sands, followed by a liaison between George and Britney.

With almost three quarters of the film gone, JJ eventually comes across two Brits when Kiesha and Leigh are seen kissing on the sand. Spotting a bulge in JJ's shorts, the girls soon have them off and are licking at his cock. Yanking down Leigh's bikini bottoms, Kiesha laps at her arse. JJ feeds his dick into Leigh's mouth. Then, covered in powder like sand, he shags her spoons, moving his prick from her pussy to her arse as they bang. Swapping places, Kiesha has a go on the sandy shaft, tonguing Leigh as her bum is filled. Moving back to Leigh, JJ bonks away till he's ready to cum. He fires into Kiesha's mouth. The spunk drips onto Leigh's pussy. She turns to kiss her.

Wearing a candy-striped bikini, Crystal wanders along the beach with George and Phil. Undoing the ties as they kiss, Crystal's bikini falls away. Grabbing their cocks, she pulls them towards her mouth. Parting Crystal's cheeks, Phil probes her arse with his fingers. Crystal wants a cock inside her and slowly sinks on to George's shaft as she teases her pussy. Phil wants to join in the action. Crystal tongues his cheb and swallows. She falls onto all fours and the boys thrust deep into her gaping holes. Getting them to lie on the sand, Crystal goes for some anal riding before they empty their loads into her mouth. Smiling, the cream runs over Crystal's chin and drips onto her tits.

The overall impression you get from watching British Virgin Asses is of a film cobbled together from left over scenes shot for other Alessandro del Mar movies. The scenes are pitifully short, averaging less than 15 minutes each, and the action appears disjointed. Add to this, noise on the sound track and this really isn't up to the standard you'd expect from a Private Tropical film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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