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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 127 mins.

Having already found Britain's most extreme teens, Phil and his trusty sidekick and stud Kieran have set out once more to scour the country, this time for more 'mature' girls.

Without leaving Phil's home city, the boys meet up with Katie at a spot overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. This hot mummy has a few hours to spare before the family come home, so the three make their way to her house. Ushered straight into the bedroom, Katie undoes her jacket and slips her boobs from her tight red basque. Kieran admires her erect nipples, then makes his way between her legs to lick. Katie lies back and works her fingers into her wet pussy. Pulling back her stocking clad legs, she is ready for cock. Kieran thrusts deep into her moist mound, making Katie moan. She sits up to taste herself from his dick. The two shag spoons on the brown satin sheet. Katie moves to mount Kieran's staff. A little doggy and the two fall back on the bed for some mutual masturbation. Trapping Kieran's length between her boobs, Katie is rewarded with a face full of cream.

Staying in Bristol, Phil has heard of another girl they should visit. Lala greets the boys outside her basement flat and invites the pair in. Peeling off her green top, Lala can't wait to sample Kieran's shaft. With her panties pulled down, she strokes her pussy and arse for Phil's camera. Kieran moves in to fuck her from behind. Dropping onto her stomach, the pair bounce on the bed as they bang. The couple twist on to their sides for the action to continue. Lowering herself onto Kieran's cock, Lala bangs and grinds against his balls. Screwing round, she ends up reverse. The pair fall onto their sides for another session of spoons. Lala's hooped earring falls out as they bump and jolt. Open-mouthed, Lala collects Kieran's cum and smiles.

Travelling further afield, the boys find themselves outside a half-timbered house in the heart of Devon. Jay Sweet (as Sam Bond) opens the door in a bright pink dress which shows off her cleavage. The pair follow her indoors. Arriving at the bedroom, Jay releases her boobs for Kieran to kiss. His cock comes out. Jay takes it between her lips and sucks. Her black knickers slipping down her legs, Jay lies back on the bed and lets Kieran lap at her shaven snatch. He teases Jay's clit with his knob and thrusts in deep between her thighs. She sighs. Hooking her black stilettos under Kieran's legs, Jay sinks down on his shaft and wriggles. She shuffles her way up his body and ends up sitting on his face. Spoons is followed by some vigorous doggy action. Jay ends with her face spattered in spunk.

Waiting in a hotel bedroom, Phil and Kieran are surprised when Jane turns up with her husband. He just wants to sit in the corner quietly and watch. Jacket off, Kieran lifts Jane's boobs from her white top and squeezes them together. Undoing her purple skirt, Jane sits on the edge of the bed. Her face is level with Kieran's cock. Opening her mouth, she feeds the length between her lips. Pushing Jane back onto the bed, Kieran tongues and laps her pierced pussy lips and hood. He moves up her body towards her tits. Rolling on a rubber, Kieran hammers his dick into the smooth pussy. Jane lets out a yelp as he drives home. Holding onto the bed head, Jane clambers onto Kieran's cheb. Her tits dangle in his face as she rides. Holding Jane's hips, Kieran slams against her bum as he takes her doggy. The two twist and turn. Jane ends up on top. Jane waits expectantly as Kieran's jizz jets over her face.

From the size of Rosemary's house in Somerset, Phil and Kieran surmise she must be a posh bird. Spotting the pair, Rosemary hurries them in through the side door before they are seen. In her white lace dress and pearl choker, Rosemary has never done anything like this before. Loosening her dress, Kieran slips out Rosemary's boobs and starts to nibble at her erect nipples. She caresses his balls and bends to take his meat in her mouth. Stripped to her stockings, Rosemary spreads out on a stool to be licked. In a very posh voice she asks Kieran to fuck her. He thrusts deep into her waiting pussy. Moving to the sofa, Rosemary pins Kieran down as she rides him cowgirl. All those years in the saddle really show. Bouts of spoons and doggy follow. Rosemary wants Kieran's load in her mouth.

This film is everything you'd want from director Phil Barry. A bit of banter with Kieran and the girls, then five nicely shot scenes with a good mix of action. Jay, Lala and Katie all have a number of films under their belts and their experience shows. Rosemary, in her first film, is a revelation, appearing confident and at ease in front of the camera. Britain's Most Extreme MILFs is most definitely a winner from Phil and the Pumpkin team.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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