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Released: 2008
Director: Mark Cremona
Notes: Dark Matter
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Running time: 107 mins.

With a cast of only three girls, some may think director Mark Cremona would struggle to make a full length film. But when the girls are the hot and sexy Angel Long, Michelle B and Bobbi Eden, the five scenes of Blonde Ambition simply fly by.

Wandering around the streets of London in her fur trimmed coat and long boots, Angel flashes for the camera and passers by. Spotting Christian waiting to cross the road, she approaches with a proposition. He accepts her invitation to her underground den. Closing the gates on the goods lift, Angel presses to go down. As the lift descends, her coat falls to the floor. Turning away from Christian, Angel bends so he can lick her arse. Her saliva flowing, Angel takes Christian's cock in her mouth. Dribbling, her lips go further and further along his shaft. Pressed against the lift wall, Angel is taken from behind. The two sink down onto the floor where she guides his manhood into her arse. On all fours, with her bum in the air, Angel is shagged some more. Spinning, she tongues the tip of Christian's prick as he prepares to cum... Angel plays with his cream in her mouth.

Appearing out of a smoky haze, Michelle stands in her steel grey lingerie, trimmed with black. The smoke clears to reveal Demetri by her side. Fondling her tits, his hand slips into her panties. Licking her lips, Michelle pops Demetri's dick into her mouth. Her head bobs up and down on his shaft. Gargling on cock, Michelle strips. She lets Demetri spank her naked arse. Bathed in a greenish-blue light, Demetri spreads himself on a black plastic sheet. Michelle crouches over his cock. The two fall onto their sides and fuck spoons. Prostrate on her back, Michelle rubs her clit as Demetri hammers into her pussy. She rolls over to be done doggy. Unable to contain himself any longer, Demetri jets his jizz into Michelle's mouth.

Returning for a second scene, Michelle is on the set of the TV channel Sex Station with Danny and Jay in attendance. The boys ravish her body through her tight black top and knickers. Returning the favour, Michelle tugs at their chebs. Michelle's grip tightens as her panties are pulled down. The boys finger her pussy. With her throat full of Danny's dick, Michelle feels Jay's tongue in her bum. Bringing the boys together, she crams their cocks into her mouth. Still sucking on prick, Michelle takes Jay up her arse, doggy first then cowgirl. With two cocks on offer, Michelle enters a long double dicking session. She makes sure she gets every last drop of cum from the pair.

As well as the work from Angel and Michelle, Bobbi Eden gives a stunning show in her two scenes. From the claustrophobic and atmospheric lift scene, to Bobbi being fucked in Steve Hooper's flat, the scenes in Blonde Ambition are erotic and packed with sizzling action. Great work from director Mark, but then, he did have class girls to work with.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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