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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Daring
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Running time: 101 mins.

Britain has some of the greatest directors of eroto-fetish film and the crown for King of the genre is constantly being swapped back and forth. In this visual montage of the masked and rubber clad, Kendo lays claim to the title with Bondage Thoughts. With a cast list which includes Lala, Isabel Ice, Daria Glower and the blonde bombshell Dora Venter, the girls indulge in their kinky sex games in scenes which are intertwined with images of tying.

A masked Tristran is strapped to a chair in a graffiti covered warehouse. Thoughts of a hooded Aaliyah flash through his mind. Slowly, a leather clad girl approaches and unfastens his wrists. His latex covered hand runs over Aaliyah's body and towards her pussy. Aaliyah kneels. Raising her hood slightly, she slips his cock under her heavy black veil and sucks. Taking Tristran's place, Aaliyah strokes at her clit while a spiral glass rod is screwed into her pussy. Balancing on the arm of the chair, Tristran thrusts deep into Aaliyah's fanny. Legs together, Aaliyah twists round as she's fucked. Images of the pair flood across the screen as they shag doggy, then spoons. Tristran sprays his load over Aaliyah's pussy... Trussed up again, he's back in the chair.

In a leather strap harness, the hooded Isabel wriggles her hands which are tied behind her back. Wanking on her strap-on, Cameron has her face covered like a kinky blonde Hannibal Lecter. Released from her constraints, Isabel runs a glass dildo over her breasts and pussy. A suited Keni sits, cock in hand, and watches as an unmasked Isabel swallows Cameron's cock. Working her way down Cameron's legs, she licks at the heels of her black boots. The girls head towards Keni. Isabel plunges the glass pole into her hairy muff while Cameron chews on cock. The two come together, tonguing Keni's man meat. Cameron squeezes Isabel's boobs as she's banged doggy style, before taking it between her legs. Isabel slams Keni into her arse and wriggles on his dick. Bending Cameron forward, she gets the full force of Keni's fucking. He pulls out to coat Isabel's tits with his spunk.

In a tight, shiny, red outfit, Dora teases Oliver Sanchez and George Uhl who could have come straight from the set of A Clockwork Orange, in white long johns and bowler hats.

Sophie Valentine and Daria Glower are two girls who don't get in a tangle as they tie each other up in the fourth scene.

A screen flickers beside Keni. Pictures of a tied up Lala appear in the interference. The channel changes. Lala stands in a spiked rubber dress caressing her tits. The hooded Keni licks at a glass toy through the mouth slit. Another change of costume. In red and black latex, Lala stands, her legs splayed and tied, taking a toy in her pussy. Keni kneels to lap at her wet snatch. Released from her straps, Lala wipes Keni's cock across her face then swallows. Lowering herself onto Keni's prick, Lala grinds away. She twists to ride reverse. The two fall to the floor. Lala is hammered from behind. Crouching, Lala accepts Keni's cum on her mouth and tits.

Very cleverly shot and edited, Bondage Thoughts shows how good eroto-fetish films can be. At times eerie, with disjointed imagery and solo violin music. At others, sensually arousing. Kendo and the cast can be proud of this film. Okay, masks and latex may not be everyone's cup of tea, but give it a try. Bondage Thoughts is one of the best movies out on the shelves.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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