< Bobby Tupper 'as it dahn unda part 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2007
Notes: Northern Lad Productions, features in bonus scene 'The Boudior' (sic)
  • Melody as Dutch Michelle, scene from Bobby Tupper Double Bill
Notes and Reviews
  • Title on box cover: Bobby Tupper 'as it dahn unda part 2 + bonus Dutch Michelle
  • Title printed on DVD: Bobby Tupper 'as it dahn unda part 2 plus the bonus film Dutch Michelle
  • In the DVD the title screen lists the two separately as: Bobby Tupper 'as it dahn unda part 2 and The Boudior [sic] antics of Dutch Michelle


The first scene (about 50 mins) shows Bobby Tupper having sex in Melbourne with an Australian girl called Sarah.

The second scene (about 30 mins) is the scene with Dutch Michelle which was originally issued on a VHS release called Bobby Tupper double bill.

Michelle, wearing a black basque and black stockings, enters a room in which Bobby Tupper is lying naked on a bed. He licks her pussy and frigs her and then she gives him a BJ. Soon this turns into a 69. Another BJ is followed by Bobby, wearing a condom, fucking her doggy style, then kneeling missionary. This doesn’t last long and is followed by more licking and frigging. There follows a session with BJs and kissing, then she gives him a hand job, leaning over him while he frigs her. Then he wanks himself and comes over her face. The scene looks as if it is ending as she blows a kiss to camera etc. However the final 5 minutes is a new segment starting with Michelle, now naked, posing on the bed. Bobby then wanks himself while frigging her and she lights a fag. The scene ends without him being able to come again. Michelle chats and giggles throughout and seems to be enjoying herself.

Notes by MikeA

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