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Released: 2007
Director: Michael Raven
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 98 mins.

Wicked pictures are one of the few studios whose output is primarily plot based movies. And in the American star Stormy Daniels, they are fortunate enough to have a girl who can actually act. Here she plays the part of a girl, brought up in a trailer park by a dysfunctional family, who has worked out that the only way to get on in the world is to marry into money.

Seducing middle age millionaire Randy Spears, the first part of her plan comes true. To keep him sweet she even indulges him in his fantasy of having sex with other women.

Sitting in the shadows of her bedroom, Stormy watches as Carmel climbs on to the bed in her pink teddy and fishnets. Gently bending over Randy, she takes his cock in her mouth. Rolling onto her back, Carmel lets him explore her body. His tongue and fingers make their way to her pussy. She licks the juices from his hand. On all fours, Carmel guides Randy between her legs. She turns to taste his work. Pushing him back onto the bed, Carmel lowers herself onto his shaft. Twisting as she bounces, she ends up facing him. The two tumble over in the softly lit bedroom. Stormy licks her lips as she sees her husband Randy rhythmically pumping into Carmel's pussy. Sitting up, Carmel takes his spunk into her mouth. It runs out over her cheeks.

It's now time for the second part of Stormy's plan: to get rid of Randy. Divorce is out of the question as she wants all of his wealth. There has to be another way...

Having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend doesn't endear Stormy to her husband. And things get worse when he finds what she has in store. In a final twist, Stormy gets what she wants - rid of Randy - but ends up with nothing.

With strong performances from both Stormy and Randy Spears, and good support from Carmel Moore and Kayla Carrera, Black Widow has everything you'd want from a plot based film. Add to this the excellent script and direction by Michael Raven, coupled with the cinematography of Francois Clousot, and you can see why this is a top rated film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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