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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Titten-Ficker Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 119 mins.

Following on from Fresh Off The Bus and the Asscapades series, Hazza and the Relish team have come up with a new theme for their latest gonzo style film, Breast Strokers. Armed with a camera and with a stud at his side, Hazza sets out to find some of the best boobs in Britain. On his adventures he meets up with Carmel Moore, Alexis May and Starr. And, from the other side of the Atlantic, Eva Angelina and Carly Parker.

Wandering through the park eating ice cream, Hazza and Danny are rejected by the first girl they approach. Spotting US porn star Eva Angelina sitting alone, their luck changes when she agrees to appear in their shoot.

Out on the town, Hazza finds a group of guys admiring Carmel Moore's tits. They grope and feel them as she stands in the street, but none measure up to the standard he wants in his film. Heading back to the flat, Carmel slips out of her blue dress and lets cameraman Dick Bush have a quick stroke. Disappearing into the bathroom, Hazza has a surprise for Carmel. Tristan emerges to worship her tits. Squeezing her boobs, he licks and sucks them before burying his head in her cleavage. Bending forward, Carmel holds his balls as she wanks the tip of his cock into her mouth. Her tits are pressed together and his wet dick runs over them. Pants off, and Tristan pulls Carmel towards him. His prick enters her pussy. She moans. Rolling over, Carmel stifles her groans in the cushions of the sofa, Tristan filling her fanny from behind. She turns back to slip his cock into her arse then mounts him reverse. The two twist round. Holding up her tits, Carmel gets them covered in Tristan's cum.

Hazza and Tony are down at the market when they see Alexis sitting in a cafe. Dragging over their chairs, they engage her in conversation. In her pink top and tight jeans, she turns up at the boys' flat. Hazza explains his educational concept of filming girls massaging their breasts. Alexis is keen to show how it should be done and lets Tony join in, getting her nipples hard and erect. Easing her tits out of her bra, Alexis thrusts them at Tony's face. Her fingers unzip his trousers. Dropping down, she wraps her lips around his member. She is desperate for cock. With Tony's dick sandwiched between her tits, Alexis rocks back and forward. She pulls down her jeans and leans over the sofa to be fucked doggy style. Tony is sat down. Alexis sits on his cock, her boobs swing wildly as she shags. Moving onto her back, Alexis stretches open her arse. Tony rams his prick up her bum and hammers away. The scene ends with Tony jerking his jizz over Alexis's tits.

In a striped waistcoat and matching dress, Starr appears to frighten away everyone she approaches in the street. Eventually, Keiran stops to have a feel. Hazza invites him back to the flat to help with the film. Sitting on the sofa, Keiran slips his hand into Starr's waistcoat and lifts out her boobs. Holding them, he nibbles at her nipples. Enjoying herself, Starr flashes her black knickers, showing Keiran what else is on offer. Pulling them aside, Keiran laps at her pussy lips and lets his tongue loose on her clit. Yanking down his trousers, Starr cups her breasts as she fills her mouth with cock. The wet prick is wanked between her boobs. She pops it back in her mouth. Starr lies back, letting Keiran push his prick past her panties. She tongues her tits as she's fucked. Knickers off, Starr kneels on the sofa with Keiran banging away from behind. He reaches round for her swaying breasts. The two change position. Starr's boobs dangle in Keiran's face as she rides him cowgirl. Tugging at his todger, he sprays Starr's tits with spunk.

In the final scene, Hazza and Tristan find American stall holder Carly Parker willing and eager to help in the breast stroke antics.

With this film Hazza and the team are back on top form. The banter with the girls and guys nicely introduces the scenes and helps set the tone for the film. Thankfully, unlike some of Relish's more recent releases, the film is well shot and lit, giving the girls the production quality they deserve. Good stuff from Relish and definitely worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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