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Released: 2007
Director: Mario Rossi
Notes: Digital Sin
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Running time: 147 mins.

While the five girls who appear in this film (Natalie, Candy Manson, Carmella Bing, Ava Lauren and Sienna West) all have large breasts - natural or otherwise - it's pushing it to say they are all in the MILF category, but that's how they've been classified in Big MILF Juggs.

The film starts with Natalie wandering nude round the garden, caressing her body. Bending by the pool, she splashes her boobs, running the water over her nipples. It makes her feel horny. Heading indoors she finds husband Harley lounging on the sofa reading a magazine. He pays no attention to the naked Natalie till she tugs down his pants. Kneeling between his legs, Natalie feeds his cock down her throat and wanks on the wet length. Harley pick her up and throws her onto the cushions on the sofa, diving in to lap at her snatch. Thrusting hard into her pussy, Harley drives Natalie across the sofa. She sits up to climb onto his cheb. Leaning over the end of the sofa, Natalie is filled from behind. The pair twist and turn. Natalie's shoes dangle by their ankle straps as she has sex spoons style. She moves to trap Harley's cock in her cleavage. With Harley pushed back, Natalie slips his shaft into her pussy and bounces against his balls. He shoots his load over her boobs. She catches the last few drops on her tongue.

The remainder of the film follows the same boy/girl format and, like Natalie's scene, is crisply shot and well executed. Big MILF Juggs is the type of movie you can either watch in its entirety or delve into for a scene or two at a time.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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