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Released: 2007
Director: Conrad Son / Deano La Moox
Notes: Spice Studios / Maxim
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 114 mins.

Spice studios in the US have released the second in the British Rich Bitches series with six scenes originally destined for Spice TV. The film stars a number of top names including Poppy Morgan, Angel Long and Roxy Jezel, with the scenes being shot over a longish period of time.

In her sexy tight black top and mini skirt, Angel Long sits in the back of a limo with Ian Tait. Danny the chauffeur watches in his mirror as she bares her boobs and flashes her pink knickers. Pulling off the road, Angel and Ian head off hand-in-hand across the rolling park land. Danny follows with the picnic basket. Under a willow tree, Angel crouches, slapping her tongue with Ian's cock. She then takes it deep down her throat. Danny has laid out a blanket. Angel kneels in the middle and sucks his dick, while Ian is behind fucking her. Spinning round, Angel takes the two the other way round before being double-dicked. Spread out on the blanket, Angel cries out as her face and pussy are coated in cum.

Walking round her luxury apartment, Sarah Nice complains that her husband has been of no help in the preparation of her dinner party. Parting her long black evening dress, she gets him to do something useful - eat her pussy. Sitting on a dining chair, she slips her dress off her shoulders and plays with her tits, as her cunt is being chewed. Dropping the guy's trousers, Sarah fills her face with the big black dick. Her fingers part her pussy. Bent over the dining table, Sarah is entered from behind. She squeezes her tits against the glass top as the camera goes beneath her. With the guy seated, Sarah peels off her remaining clothes and sits on his dick, gently rocking. She moves the table. The guy slides his cock in missionary then, gritting his teeth, he jerks off over Sarah's face.

Poppy Morgan as Angela, in a long red dress, enters the garden. Her husband has organised a surprise for her. She is to be fucked by the gardener. He watches from an upstairs window as the two kiss and caress. Slipping out her breasts, Angela stoops to suck the gardener's dibble. Leaning against a wall, Angela's black knickers are pulled to one side allowing the gardener to bang in his dick. The couple move to a low wall. The gardener reclines while Angela rides. Sneaking amongst the shrubs, the husband wants a closer look. He sees his wife being rammed missionary and the gardener shoot his load over her arse. Angela's fingers scoop up the cream and she smears it over her lips.

Alexis Silver (as Alicia) arrives at a large mansion in her long fur coat. As the guy opens the door she drops it to the ground and stands in her black lace lingerie. With no formal introduction, Alexis goes down on his cock and gives a blow job on the door step. The two go indoors, making their way to the bathroom. Perched on the edge of the bath, Alexis gets her pussy sucked. She bites at her big breasts as the guy licks away. Stripped, the couple rub their bodies together. The guy's dick finds its way into Alexis's fanny. On all fours in the bath, she is shagged doggy. The two climb out for a ride on the floor, then head to the bedroom. Rolling round on a kingsize bed, Alexis is fucked missionary. She places her legs on the guy's shoulders as he thrusts away. Ready to cum, Alexis wants his spunk on her tits. She massages it in.

Looking for a new yacht, McKenzie Lee is found on the marina. She spots a boat she likes, along with its owner. Kicking off her high heels, McKenzie clambers aboard. Out at sea, she shows her pussy under her short skirt and unzips the sailor's pants, pulling on his tackle. Giving a blow job in windy conditions isn't easy, so the two head below deck. Stripping to her mini skirt, McKenzie mounts the guy's mast, bobbing up and down in time with the boat. She kneels on the bunk to be bonked from behind. The movement is too much and the guy pulls out and showers McKenzie's face with semen.

Roxy Jezel slowly sways and dances by the indoor pool as she strips out of her bikini. She strokes her body before entering into the water. Swimming in the pool, her hair spreads out like a mane. Climbing out she flicks her wet hair back and sits on the poolside, masturbating as the pool boy works. Summoning him over she instructs him to lick her pussy. His tongue laps and darts over her lips and clit. Throwing down a lilo, the two 69. Roxy turns onto her side to be taken spoons. The pool boy stretches over her body to nibble at her tits. Riding reverse on the poolside is followed by some cowgirl action. Crouching before the guy, Roxy licks her lips as she yanks his jizz into her mouth.

It is obvious from watching that a majority of the film was shot softcore, with strategically placed props and long shots to obscure the view. The harder action, which is not so well shot, has been spliced in at the editing stage. The other thing which is apparent is some of the footage must have been lying around for some time before making its appearance here. McKenzie looks very young. Still, the film isn't bad. Although, with such a good cast it should have been sizzling.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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