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Released: 2007
Notes: Badass Pictures, compilation
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Running time: 167 mins.

In 10 scenes, shot over several years, this film follows the career of US star Bridgette Kerkova, as she is transformed from the girl next door to a big-boobed, pouting, peroxide blonde with an appetite for anal sex. In this almost 3 hour long film, the only other girl to appear is Ashley Long in a scene from one of Bridgette's later productions.

Finding Bridgette face down on the couch, with her white stockinged legs chained together, Ashley releases her. Raising her red and white checked skirt, she licks at her arse and slips in a finger. Bridgette wants a little more from Ashley and gets her to ram a large red butt-plug into her bum. Tugging at the toy, Ashley laps at Bridgette's clit. Her white knickers and pink top removed, the toy is wedged into Ashley's arse. The girls kiss and suck at each other. Holding a dildo in her mouth, Ashley bonks Bridgette's gaping bum hole. Finding a monster green toy, Bridgette sticks it to the floor. The pair take turns seeing who can feed it furthest up their arse. Bridgette wins.

While I'm not normally a fan of compilations, it's interesting to see just how much Bridgette has changed over the years. In some of her early work (before the plastic surgeon got to work) it's hard to believe it's the same girl. Ashley's looks, however, have remained unchanged: tall, slender, sexy and, in the scenes here, very dirty. For fans of Bridgette this is a must.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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