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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
Notes and Reviews

One wonders where Anjali Kara gets her energy from, running a business, raising a family, posting on the BGAFD forum and fucking on film two or three times a week. Here the Pornostatic team have assembled a cast of beautiful brown babes for two and a half hours of fine fucking.

I suppose when you're the boss of the outfit you get to choose the talent and in the first scene Anjali has chosen a particularly fat white cock to entertain. Anjali's little black dress stays on, but her little black panties are slipped off before she mounts her man cowgirl and continues to fuck clothed, although it's difficult to keep her tits from popping out. Towards the end, Anjali is getting seriously pumped in missionary when she commands her man to 'come inside my fucking cunt', which he does. Sperm floods out of Anjali as she squats, licking the rest from his cock. Fantastic!

The black outfit theme continues with Simone, who wears a short skirt, basque and fishnet stockings and gloves, but no knickers, when she entertains two gentlemen. After sucking both cocks, Simone takes one at each end as she fucks in all the usual positions, finishing with consecutive facials.

Aaliyah looks as if she's going out, in her gold skirt, top and lace-trimmed white panties. But she's not, she's staying in for a fuck with a couple of lads from the Pornostatic Posse. Aaliyah's superb brown body is stretched to perfection as she gives the guys plenty of verbal encouragement to fuck her senseless. Both guys end the scene by coming over her pussy lips, which Aaliyah holds wide open, then licks cum from her fingers.

In a long black wig, Lala presents a much softer image. Fortunately her partner is just as hard as in the first scene with Anjali as his fat cock sinks into Lala's pink pussy. Wearing a little black dress, without underwear, Lala fucks her man in cowgirl, both ways, spoons, missionary and doggy, finishing with a fine facial.

Ariana, in a short scarlet dress with matching knnickers and fishnet stockings, briefly fashes to the camera before Stefan Hard joins her for a good fucking. With just her pants removed, Ariana is fucked in all positions so we get just an occasional glimpse of tit and she's careful to keep her belly covered too. Which is a shame as Ariana is a fine sexy woman with an exceptional arse. The scene ends with Ariana wanking Stefan into her mouth then, announcing she stiill feels horny (no offence Stefan), she lies back on the sofa and wanks for a few minutes. "I'm a sexy girl" she purrs; too right.

Finally Anjali is back with Rio Mariah for a dose of black cock. Neither girl wears much. Rio's not much has a businesslike look with chalk-stripe suspenders and crop top with a white collar and tie, while Anjali favours black leather which fails to cover her pussy and tits. Both girls opt for black fishnets and thigh boots. As is usual for this series clothes are retained, apart from panties, as Anjali supervises Rio's fucking which concludes with a joint facial.

Just a few years ago finding a black girl in a British production was unusual, now thanks to the DiSantos, we can watch two volumes of talent. And without compromise on quality as all the girls are both drop dead gorgeous and possess dangerously large libidos. All the scenes are filmed on the white sofa in the familiar studio/flat with the staircase behind, but then we've not come to look at the furniture. The film simply ticks all the boxes and a few more.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

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