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Released: 2006
Director: Bobby Manila
Notes: Cutting Edge
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Running time: 179 mins.

What happens if you mix a group of sexy girls with a gang of horny boys? When the girls include Gwen Diamond, Britney Stephens and Sophie Dee, it's hard, nasty action from all.

A blonde Sophie Dee crawls across the garden of a California mansion, wearing turquoise fishnets and purple platform shoes. Reaching the path, she encounters a guy. Pulling her panties tight into her snatch, he buries his face in her arse. Smothering Sophie in oil, he spanks her bum and leads her indoors. Awaiting her are three more guys. Easing out their big black cocks, Sophie starts to suck. Her blue eyes bulging and watering, she feeds their lengths down her throat. Knickers off, Sophie sits on the first fat dick while the other three push their pricks into her mouth. Turned upside down on the couch, Sophie gags as the boys fuck her tonsils. Climbing back onto a cock, Sophie rides cowgirl. The guys slap her bum until it glows red. She drops onto all fours and the guys hammer home amid shouts and yells. More screams from Sophie as she's plonked on the sofa and shafted, missionary. One-by-one the guys shoot their cream into her mouth. Sophie sits and smiles as she plays with the cum on her tongue, then swallows.

Whilst Bangin' Whitey 4 is a well executed film, I have to admit I found some of the rough and tumble a little too hard for my liking. The girls, however, including Sophie, seemed to enjoy the gagging and heavy pussy pounding being dealt out by the boys and came out smiling.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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