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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse
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Running time: 139 mins.

Brown Sugar Rush is the first in a series of Pornostatic films to be released by Playhouse and, unlike DiSanto's early Killergram series, they have done a decent job in mastering them to DVD. The film is very much in the DiSanto/Anjali 'Lady Boss' style, shot in a plain white modernistic house with each of the girls appearing in striking sexy clothes, some of which are discarded as the scenes progress.

Anjali slips her red mittened hand down her short red mini skirt before lifting her top to play with her tits. She kneels and strokes her body, her panties are pulled to one side and she slips in a finger. A cock presents itself at face level and, opening her mouth, Anjali takes it in. She tugs at the shaft, her tongue moistening the end, and she rubs it over her boobs. Anjali's red knickers drop down past her white boots, she flashes her bum at the camera and slides her pussy down the erect prick. Rolling off him, Anjali jerks at the guy's cock then turns to be taken from behind. Lying on her back, she wants his full length in her pussy. Moving, she rides it reverse. Finally Anjali catches his cum on her tongue and lets it dribble over her chin.

In a pink trimmed black and white top and stripy stockings, Ariana caresses her body. She raises her black skirt, her knickers come off, she eases out a boob then stares up at a guy. Grabbing his cock she wanks him into her mouth then swallows as far as his balls. A second dick appears which Ariana takes in hand. The boys drop between her legs to eat pussy. Leaning over the arm of the sofa, Ariana fills her face with cock as she is banged from behind. She turns, her tongue darting over both dicks. As she plays with her pussy, a guy presses his prick against her clit as the other stands wanking. She rides the pair cowgirl then crams the cocks into her mouth to take their cum. The boys fire over Ariana's face and it drips off her chin.

Slim Simone wiggles her hips as she stands in her see-through black top and flame red mini skirt. Bending forward she displays a lack of knickers as she gyrates for the camera. On her hands and knees, she encounters Mr Shaft. Unfazed by his size, Simone jerks his length between her lips. Her head works back and forth as she stuffs the mammoth manhood in her cheeks. Simone wants the Shaft inside her. Slowly she slides down reverse cowgirl and starts to bounce. She wants more, going onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Juices drip from her pussy as she rides cowgirl. She turns onto her back and Shaft holds her black and red stocking clad legs as her pussy stretches round his dick. Simone crouches for his cream, he hits her nose and it runs onto her lips.

Aaliyah is next in front of the camera in her black and silver outfit with fishnet armlets. Pulling down her top she squeezes her tits and then her hand goes into her fuchsia pink panties. Mr Shaft arrives and, coughing and gagging, she rams his dick down her throat. He slaps her tongue and face with the wet tool. His prick pushes past her panties and Aaliyah slams her body hard down, making her long hair flail. Reversing herself, she continues to hammer down on the cock. She tastes herself and slips the spit-covered dick in doggy. Aaliyah's pussy lips engulf Mr Shaft as they shag missionary. The two turn to spoons, Aaliyah's clit teased with the tip of Shaft's cock. Aaliyah's pussy is cherry red when they finish. Mr Shaft cums over her tits.

Anjali and Simone appear together in the fifth scene, both dressed in white with their fishnets and boots. DiSanto kids on that Simone is the new Lady Boss. Standing, Anjali pulls Simone's white panties tight into her bum cleavage. The pair rub their bodies - this will be Simone's first time with two cocks. The first guy appears and the girls set to licking and sucking. Anjali leaves Simone to start on the second prick. The girls swap cocks and Anjali fills her mouth with the guy's nut sack. The girls gag on dick. Lifting her white skirt, Anjali climbs aboard the guy to ride cowgirl. She gets off to lap at her juices. Simone appears content to have her fanny filled with fingers. She moves to nibble at Anjali's tits as she is occupying both boys. Lying on her side, Anjali is shagged spoons. Simone darts in to lap at the pair between bouts of cock sucking. After riding reverse, Anjali goes down on hands and knees to be spit roasted. The guy cums in her mouth and Simone laps at the dribbles. A second load is dropped over the girls' faces, catching Anjali in the eye.

Alexis sits in her black nylon top, fishnets and heels, drawing on a cigarette. Her hands wander over her boobs and she lifts her PVC skirt and blows smoke at the camera. Another draw on the ciggy and she pops a guy's cock into her smoke filled mouth and starts to suck. Wanking the guy, she bites at his balls then bends forward to wrap her lips around his dick. Her boobs gently sway as she licks. Knickers off, she is taken doggy. She turns to cram the cock in her pussy cowgirl and her big boobs bounce against the guy's face. She lies back on the sofa and the guy takes her missionary, his nuts banging against her bum. Alexis opens her mouth and the guy covers her tongue in cream. Squeezing her boobs together she dribbles over them.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Anjali and DiSanto have always had sexy girls and nicely choreographed scenarios, but in the past they have been let down by weak production. This film is spot on, great setting, great lighting, great camera work and a fine new girl in Simone Banks. Well Done.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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