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Released: 2006
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 183 mins.

Have you ever wondered what happens when the director calls 'Cut' or what the girls and guys get up to following a hard day on the set? A lot more shagging is the answer. Poppy, Frankie, Katy Caro and a whole lot more girls show you what goes on in two of Gazzman's latest productions for Harmony. Don't think this is just an overblown 'Behind The Scenes' extra. Yes there is candid talking to camera and a variety of views of the crews and girls at work, but there are also half a dozen hard hot scenes made for the film.

Having finished shooting, Frankie and Poppy decide to do a little sunbathing. Fooling around, Poppy fills Frankie's bikini bottoms with a bottle of lube. The clear gel trickles down her thighs. Katy Caro turns up to see what is going on - it's Poppy pulling Frankie's bikini tight into her snatch. Coated with sun oil, Katy looks for dick to suck and Oliver is lying by the pool. The other two girls follow, positioning themselves on sunloungers to watch. When Claudia Rossi arrives, Katy gives her a hand to take Oliver's dick up her arse. The action halts as a micro-lite floats overhead - Poppy is worried that if the pilot looks down he may lose control of his joystick. The sky clear, Oliver squirts his load over Claudia's pussy and, seeing the spunk, Poppy helps her massage it in.

After a threesome with Dora Venter and Katy, Frankie joins Poppy for something a little different with the sound man. Poppy pulls his dick while Frankie makes him deep throat a dildo. Upending the guy, the girls coat his arse in lube then use their fingers and a toy as he wanks. Poppy thinks it would be a good idea to share a double ended dong with him. For his co-operation he gets to suck at Frankie's fanny as he fucks Poppy. He tries to escape, but Poppy traps him on the stairs, grabbing his cock and deep throating it. He can go only when she is satisfied. With Poppy bent over the banister, he bonks her then cums over her tits. She's happy.

Back by the pool a couple of the girls are having a pussy licking contest. Vibrator in hand, Poppy wades in to show what she can do. Holding the tip of the toy against Julie's hood her body soon quivers and shakes. Having started, Poppy keeps going and wave after wave of pleasure rush through Julie's body. Exhausted, she can't take any more.

The girls all pile into a minibus and head to the harbour where Frankie is to put to sea for an anal scene with Oliver. After the pictures the girls wave goodbye as the boat sets sail. In a buckled black basque, crotchless green tights and thigh length boots, Frankie leans forward. Oliver reaches round her to caress her boobs as his cock slips into her pussy. Lying beside the mast, Frankie pulls open her pussy and slides down his shaft to ride reverse. The pair fall to the side with the gentle rock of the boat. With Frankie on all fours on the poop deck, Oliver eases his cock into her arse and, timing his strokes to the roll of the boat, he goes deeper and deeper. Biting on a rope, Frankie lowers her bum down on Oliver's dick and she bounces and grinds as they sail along. Finally she takes his jizz in her mouth and smiles.

With shooting over for the day the cast and crew let their hair down at a party. Soon it's a mass orgy of sucking and fucking as people head off in twos and threes. Oliver finds himself with Katy and Nikki Sun in the billiard room for hard hot action.

After the party what can you do? If you're Claudia Rossi how about taking four cocks!!! She starts taking each guy individually on the sofa before it turns into a multiple dick gang bang ending with her being showered in jizz.

With a running time of over three hours, it's only possible to give a flavour of what's in the film. Similarly there are too many girls to list. Some appear in whole scenes and others in small cameo roles. Though it may not be the normal highly polished Harmony/Gazzman production the film has something about it which holds your attention. Hot, hard and off the cuff, Backstage The Movie is well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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