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Released: 2005
Director: Devan Cypher
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 137 mins.

The story line for the Blonde Factory may not be original, but in casting six sexy girls (Hannah Harper, Tyler Faith, Nicki Hunter, Julie Robbins, Ciera Sage and the Finn Saana) Sin City and director Devan Cypher have produced very pleasing results. Chris Canon runs a factory which makes the ultimate in blonde automatons. Things start to go wrong when one of the models malfunctions.

As the starting titles appear, Hannah, her face painted white and her hair pulled back making her look like a china doll, is layed back on a fur covered bed. Her black knickers yanked down, she rolls onto all fours to get her pussy and arse fingered. The guy laps away at her luscious pussy lips and turns Hannah to suck on his shaft. Wrapping her mouth around his dick, Hannah's head jerks along the length. She falls back to take the wet cock in her arse. Blonde doll Hannah wants to satisfy her owner and falls back to take his wet cock in her arse. She climbs onto the cock reverse cowgirl and starts to bounce. More anal action follows as Hannah is banged doggy then missionary. The guy pulls out and fills Hannah's mouth with cum. Twitching, she starts to short circuit. Hannah starts to believe she is human.

Taken back to the factory, Hannah is ready for repair. When the engineers aren't watching she escapes and investigates her new surroundings. Staring through a door she watches three newly built girls going through their paces. It makes Hannah horny and she stops to masturbate.

Looking for something new to wear, Hannah is lured into a trap by designer Chris. Still convinced she is human he takes her to the showrooms where Saana is being tried out by a couple of customers.

Led back to the workshops, Hannah is programmed to forget her past, but before she can be re-sold Chris wants to test her. Open mouthed she tongues the tip of his cock. Holding Hannah's head, his dick slips down her throat and she gurgles. Pulling at her bum cheeks he rams hard into Hannah's pussy. She tastes her juices and is then fucked missionary. Her body shimmering with beads of sweat, Hannah crams Chris's cock in her arse and her fingers grab at her pussy. Hannah's head bobbing on Chris's cheb, he cums in her mouth. The repair complete, Hannah is packed up for the next customer.

Whilst it may not be the world's greatest of story lines, the cast and crew put a great deal of effort in to make the plot work. Decent acting, special effects and six blondes in hard hot action make this an entertaining film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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