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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason?
Notes: Rude Britannia / Big Ben Films
Alternate Titles
  • Blondes Have More Fun on-screen title
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

Rude Britannia / Big Ben have brought out two complementary films this month - Blondes Have More Fun and Dark Haired and Dirty - a sort of Chinese Yin and Yang where Blonde and Brunette lovers get a chance to balance out their views. Blondes Have More Fun contains four scenes dating from 2005 which if not filmed and directed by John 'Johnny Rebel' Mason are very much in his style.

As they kneel on a sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace, Pascal eases Nikki's short black dress over her shoulders. The two kiss as her black knickers slide down her legs. Pascal moves down to lap at her pussy. His tongue flicks at her arse. As she licks his staff, Nikki's blonde bunches sway and Pascal holds her head as her mouth explores his prick. As he lies with his cock pointing skyward, Nikki guides it into her pussy and bounces, her bum slapping his thighs. Turning through 180 degrees her pussy lips pull against Pascal's shaft as she leans back. Panting, the pair roll onto their sides. Nikki's pussy gaping, Pascal pounds away doggy. The sheepskins part as they shag. The scene ends with Nikki riding cowgirl, Pascal pulling out to shoot his spunk on her bum. She spins round to remove the few last drops from his dick.

In her short slip and black fishnets, busty Vicki is pawed on the sofa by Tony. He chews at her nipples as her hand enters his trousers. Kneeling, she wraps her lips around his tackle and thrusts her head forward. Bent over the sofa, Tony tongues and finger fucks Vicki. She manoeuvres herself round and the two end up 69ing. Mounting him reverse, Vicki's suspender flies loose as she hammers down on his dick. The two drop to the floor where she is shagged from behind. With her legs stretched and tits in hand, Tony takes Vicki missionary. The harder he humps the further her legs go back. Vicki almost orgasms from fingering and she climbs back on Tony's cock, her nipples erect. Licking her juices from his prick, Vicki jerks Tony off. Her face gets covered in cream.

Chantelle is perched on the black marble work top in the kitchen. Pascal lifts her red plaid miniskirt and starts to finger fuck her smooth snatch as the two kiss. Undoing her pink blouse, his kisses transfer to her tits and he heads down to lick at her moist pussy. Chantelle slips off the bench and leans over, her tits hanging in the sink as her bum is slapped. Crouching, she swallows Pascal's prick, slurping it passed her tonsils. Dribbling, she rubs the wet cock up and down her cleavage. Then, standing with a leg on the work bench, she invites him to fuck her. He pushes his prick deep into her arse and she moans. The bowl in the sink rattles as her bum is bonked. With a cock embedded in her arse, Chantelle fingers her fanny. The two sink to the floor for the anal action to continue. Chantelle ends being taken from behind, her big boobs dangling. As she opens her mouth wide, Pascal covers her tongue in jizz.

Pascal is a busy boy. Having satisfied Chantelle he appears again in the final scene, this time with Lucy. Removing her blouse and skirt, his mouth makes its way toward her white knickers where his tongue works its way along the folds in her pussy lips. Lucy drops her panties to give Pascal better access and she smiles as she's fingered. With a hand around his cock, she caresses his balls as the head is popped into her mouth. The two climb back onto the sofa and Lucy's body jolts as Pascal probes her pussy. Turning to be taken cowgirl, Lucy reveals two big black and blue bruises on her buttocks which look a little tender. It doesn't stop her banging her body down on Pascal's dick. They ring the changes - spoon, doggy and missionary - ending with Pascal cumming over Lucy's stomach.

True blonde fans will be a little upset as it looks as if a couple of the girls got their highlights out of a bottle. That apart, the film has four nicely shot and staged scenes. Slim energetic Agnis as Nikki put in a good performance as did Vicki and the very naughty Chantelle. As for Lucy ... Oh those bruises must have hurt as she hammered down reverse cowgirl. Not brilliant, but well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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