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Released: 2006
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia / Poppy Morgan Productions
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Running time: 115 mins.

Review copy courtesy of Rude Britannia

For this film and, presumably, future releases, Poppy Morgan has invented a new character for herself, Britpop. In cartoon form, Britpop is an Anime-esque teenager with pigtails who wears a short blue skirt, red shirt, union flag tie and white popsox. In the first scene, Poppy creates Britpop in the flesh - adding a Yorkshire gutter mouth - as she visits a pub 'down south' where publican Mark Sloan is improbably dressed as a Pearly King. After some banter, four pints and a Dick Van Dyke impression from Mark, Poppy orders meat and two veg which Mark serves doggystyle in a big armchair. The pair take advantage of the bar, stools and the carpet for the foreplay and fucking, in all positions. While Mark retains his shirt and cap, Poppy is stripped to her tie and socks. Mark gives Poppy a good shag (her words) and ends with a come shot over Poppy's tits.

Each scene is introduced by Poppy in a variety of Union flag themed t-shirts and underwear and, in case we haven't got the message, sits in front of a large Union flag. For the second scene, Poppy has a letter about Mr & Mrs Frigid (pronounced Free-jay) who do not have sex. Poppy hot-foots round to Nocum Drive (pronounced No-koom) where Frankie explains that she and her husband don't do that sort of thing. Poppy soon shows that she does by putting Frankie in some classy blue underwear and having sex with her on a white sofa. Tongue and fingerwork is followed by the use of a standard-issue white plastic vibrator.

Poppy then turns her attention to Mr Frigid (Steve Hooper) when he arrives home. Steve insists Poppy puts on more appropriate clothes when he finds her dancing in his lounge wearing just a Union t-shirt and white pants. More appropriate for Poppy is stockings and a baby doll nightie and before long Poppy has Steve's cock in her mouth, quickly followed by her pussy. As with Mrs Frigid, Poppy unleashes the inner person, as Steve fucks her in cowgirl, doggy and missionary, ending by cumming over her tits. Poppy keeps her pants and stockings on throughout; Steve keeps his bowler hat and socks on!

Poppy is tipped off by a female worker that Pascal and Tony James are fucking birds down on the turkey farm. Poppy sets off to investigate, finding the boys with their cocks up a freshly plucked 20 pounder. Poppy demands a pay rise for the whistleblower and a double-dicking for herself. The boys oblige by fucking Poppy on an old sofa in the office. Both guys put their cocks in Poppy's pussy then DP her in reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with a double facial.

Poppy returns to her turkey worker, resting-American-award-winning-over-actress Louise (Louise Parker) in her bedroom. Louise drops the phoney accent and her knickers as the pair have sex on the bed. The girls only partly undress for some heavy licking and fingering followed by deep dildo work in both pussies.

Poppy and Darren are to be applauded in developing this new format. The English clichés come thick and fast with pubs serving just jellied eels, sexual repression and bestiality down on the farm - apparently acceptable to the BBFC in that the animal is dead; so we can add necrophilia. Unfortunately Poppy's characterisation of foul-mouthed teenager Britpop in search of her first ASBO is just too over the top for the amount of screen time she has. The irony is also laid on with a trowel, although I felt casting a Canadian, Mark Sloan, as Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins was sublime. Nothing wrong with the sex though, except that it's only Poppy's pussy that gets filled with cock - how much longer must we wait for Frankie to fuck for Poppy and Darren? With Louise Parker we see a glimpse of acting talent and a lot of sexual talent, which is to be welcomed.

From their stateside experiences, Poppy and Darren probably feel this production has strong export appeal, although the Yanks may miss the irony. If Poppy can reign in her OTT acting, at least until the fucking begins, and shares some of the cock work with other girls, future productions will be required watching. As it is this is a good film, but you'll need to be a hardcore Poppy fan.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

In her latest film Poppy Morgan has taken on the persona of Brit Pop, a Union Jack clad sleuth come super-hero. She fights for the underdog. She takes on the bad guys. She rights wrongs. She gets shagged a lot. The style of the film is very tongue (and cock) in cheek with clever snippets of animated Brit Pop between the scenes.

Poppy's first assignment is Cockney Bastard, a barman from the deep south (just past Doncaster) who woos, shags, then dumps his girlfriends. In her Brit Pop action girl outfit and trusty roller-skates, Poppy is off. Wobbling her way to the pub door, Poppy stops to put on something more sensible, her high heel white platforms. Cheerful cockney barman Mark Slone pulls her a pint, and another, and another ... suitably sloshed she starts work. Grabbing the chappie's cheb, she stuffs it in her mouth, Poppy's bunches joggle as her head bobs up and down. Her hand covered in saliva, she wanks him furiously, slapping her face with the head of his dick. Jumping onto the bar, Poppy pulls her white panties to one side and Mark licks and laps as he finger fucks her. Undoing her blouse and discarding her Brit Pop bra, Poppy moves to a leather chair where she is taken doggy. Mark is pushed onto the seat where she rides him reverse, her tie dangling between her tits as Poppy is taken up the arse. Finally Mark showers his load over her body. He wants more but she leaves.

The next case for Brit Pop is Frigid and Frigid, a legal company who are sworn to celibacy under their stuck-up and no-fun clause. Arriving at the family home, Poppy finds Mrs Frigid (Frankie) alone and wangles her way into the house. Sitting on the piano stool in the conservatory, Poppy strips Frankie down to her electric blue lingerie and matching stockings as she explores her body. Frankie's resistance is futile. In fact she appears to enjoy her fanny being finger fucked by Poppy. The girls chew at each other's tits before Frankie falls to the floor lapping at Poppy's pussy. A vibrator appears and Frankie flinches as it's eased into her hole. She takes the toy to use on Poppy who is soon trembling with pleasure. Lying on her side, Frankie's reserve has gone and having climaxed once she wants Poppy to do it again ...

Returning home, Mr Frigid (Steve Hooper) finds Poppy gyrating around the lounge in her skimpy top and white knickers. He's disgusted at the sight and sends her to change. Poppy reappears in short fur trimmed negligee and stockings, not quite what Steve had expected. Bending down, Poppy unzips his pants taking his tool in her mouth to see if he will change his mind. Steve's resolve weakens as his cock hardens. Poppy stretches her cheek with his knob. Steve is pushed back onto the sofa and Poppy slips the full length of man meat into her pussy. Stripped down to his bowler he has his dick sucked then jammed in her arse. As she bounces up and down Poppy moves the cock from hole to hole. Steve is well into this as he takes Poppy doggy over the arm of the sofa. The pair sink into the spoons position. Finally, after fucking Poppy missionary, he cums over her tits.

Back at Brit Pop HQ, Poppy has a letter pleading for her help. An out-of-luck actress is stuck on a turkey farm with two deviant perverts. Poppy can't wait to solve this problem. When she arrives she finds Tony and Pascal in the shed. Entering, she demands to inspect their cocks. With her knickers half down and Pascal licking his way up her legs, Poppy fills her face with Tony's dick. Kneeling between the boys she takes them both in her mouth as they hitch up her pink tartan skirt. The guys take turns fucking Poppy and she tastes the results. She sinks her bum down on Tony's shaft and Pascal is invited to stuff her pussy.,The three change positions and the DP action continues. Crouched, Poppy opens her mouth and fills it with the boys' cream. It runs down her body. In future they will have to be more considerate to their staff.

In the bedroom, Poppy finds Louise Parker in her short orange dress and she tells of the boys' promise. Louise doesn't know how to thank her, but Poppy can think of a way. Pulling on her pussy lips she slips in her fingers and a digit is worked into Louise's bum. The girls 69 taking mouthfuls of minge, Poppy produces a blue vibrator which disappears into Louise's cunt. A second white one is used on her fanny. With Louise pushed up onto her shoulders, Poppy hammers home the toy. She jumps and squirms. The two grind their pussies together before Poppy turns and tongues Louise's clit till she cums. Lying with her knees near her ears, Poppy gets Louise to finger fuck her to climax.

Brit Pop is a very cleverly made film - hot action and a bit of humour in a comic book style. There may be only three girls but with Poppy at her best and with Frankie and Louise you don't need any more. The film makes a refreshing change from the usual Poppy Morgan Productions and is well worth a watch. As Yorkshire super hero Brit Pop herself would say, "Eee up, it were a reet crackin film".

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