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Released: 2006
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Notes: Red Light District
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Running time: 180 mins.

Petite, squeaky-voiced Brianna Love plays a teasing game of cat and mouse with director Manuel Ferrara in Red Light District's 'Brianna Love Oversexed'. Appearing in every scene from beginning to end, she wants to prove she is the best, with guys, with girls, with groups and by herself, and is aided by a fine selection of girls including Michelle B. and a dark haired Holly Wellin in this three-hour shagathon.

After a three-way girl session in a bathroom, Brianna sits down in a bright pink top with matching skirt, her white knickers pulled tight into her snatch. Manuel introduces her to Michelle, in her black net top, and Nadia Styles, in fluorescent pink. Brianna can watch but do no more. The girls kiss and use large red dildos on each other. Manuel takes them over the room to Brianna to taste the juices. The toys are returned and Michelle shows Brianna her bum as the red dildo disappears up it. Ripping open her fishnet tights, Nadia does the same. Dropping to their knees, the girls run their tongues along Manuel's dick. Her hand in her knickers, Brianna masturbates. Michelle takes a mouthful of cock and strings of spit drip off his balls. Nadia bends to be taken up the arse and Michelle laps at the pair. It's then her turn to ride Manuel's manhood and he hammers home hard. Fingers planted firmly in her fanny, Brianna eyes the two as they grind away with a cock in their bum. She is invited to join in as Manuel wanks over their faces, but refuses. Michelle takes a jet of spunk in her mouth and shares with Nadia. Her pussy now dripping, Brianna brings herself to climax.

For the final scene in the film Brianna is dressed in black PVC and fishnet stockings. She is driving to a mansion in the hills to meet Holly Wellin and Katsumi. Standing on the door step, she can't stop fingering herself in anticipation of what's planned. The girls await inside on a sofa in the middle of a huge room. Brianna joins them, running her hand over Holly's tight black dress and tweaking Katsumi's nipples. Three guys are summoned from upstairs, one tongues Holly's pussy, one probes Katsumi's arse and Brianna gives the third a blow job. With Holly and Katsumi riding dick, Brianna is content to swallow. Stuffing her bum, Katsumi wants a second cock to suck on. Holly lies double stacked on Brianna to share the remaining prick. All change for the girls as they go for some anal action. Holly pulls at her gaping hole. The three then indulge in some double dicking. The boys pound away till they are ready to cum. This being Brianna's film she takes all three loads in her mouth. She smears the jizz over her face and Holly and Katsumi are invited to lick off the goo.

This is very much a film about Brianna, who deserves top marks for her sexual exploits. The film is cleverly shot using point of view technique for the interaction between Brianna and director Manuel and more conventional camera work for the action. The supporting actresses also all put in fine performances. Though never centre stage, they helped make the film. One minor slip up which doesn't spoil the enjoyment is Holly's black dress which keeps on appearing and disappearing in the last scene ... continuity. A great three hours of viewing once you get used to Brianna's 'helium high' voice.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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