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Released: 2006
Director: Steve Perry
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Running time: 184 mins.

The cheeky chappie of porn, Ben Dover, and his boys Pascal and Tony have found four new or newish girls to appear in this three-hour plus romp. The scenes are all very much in the 'Doveresque' style - the meet and greet, the slightly anarchic and zany introduction, then a long hard humping session for the boys with Ben adding his knob for good measure.

The film starts with a blonde Australian, Bianca, who has worked in London for some time as a dancer and now wants to expand into films. In her flowing negligee and pink panties, she shows the boys her stuff. They are even more impressed when they get a chance to suck on her pierced nipples. Moving to the sofa, they take turns tasting her minge as she slips their pricks into her mouth. With a camera in one hand and his cock in the other, Ben films Pascal and Tony as they suck and fuck Bianca. Fingering her arse, Bianca doesn't need much persuading to be banged up the bum. Her nipple ring stands erect as she slides down Pascal's shaft. Bianca moans, but makes no objections as Tony joins in filling her pussy with cock. She turns over for the DP action to continue. Pascal and Tony fire their spunk over Bianca's face and she holds a glass under her chin to catch the drops. Ben adds his load to the cocktail.

The next 70 minute scene features the wee Scots girl with the enormous boobs - Alexis. Things don't get off to a good start when Ben is thrown out of the airport for filming without permission. Back at Pascal's place, Alexis changes out of her tight pink jumper and jeans into something more sexy - a baby doll nightie, black knickers and heels. With Tony out on a message, Pascal and Ben entertain Alexis, pawing at her tits and finger fucking her as she deep throats their cocks. Pulling down her panties, Pascal starts on a marathon shagging session, Alexis twisting and turning through a multitude of positions. With her pussy dripping, Alexis wants to try her first anal. Ben and Pascal stretch her bum with their fingers. Doggy position fails so Pascal suggests she lies on her back. Teeth clenched and it's in her tight hole. He pulls out - Alexis wants to try again on all fours and this time she takes the whole length. When Tony returns he finds Alexis bouncing up and down with Pascal's prick in her arse. She wants to go all the way and Tony jams his cock in her cunt. All exhausted, Alexis wants to be a spunk slut. The three cum over her face and rivers of jizz plop onto her huge tits.

In a luxury flat overlooking the Millennium Dome, the trio meet Zoe in her pink summer dress and calf-length boots. She worked on a photo shoot with Ben several years ago but senility has set in and he can't remember. With her waggling her bum for the camera, Ben gets a bulge in the trouser department. His brain may have gone but his knob still remembers. Pascal bends, his tongue working overtime on her white knickers. Tony stoops to lick at her pierced clit. Zoe fills her mouth with cock as her pussy is prised open with prick. She gets a good spit roasting from the pair. Ben moves in to lick the sweat off her body as his fingers make their way to her bum. Zoe is willing to try. With her on her shoulders with her legs spread, Tony eases himself into her arse and builds up speed. Having taken Tony, Zoe takes Pascal doggy. She is ready for double dicking. Zoe's glistening body pulsates as the boys bang her holes and, shivering, she climaxes. She kneels and Ben and the boys wank over her face.

The second Zoe has come to Britain from Poland to make her first film. The slim blonde stands in her sexy pink and black lingerie then does a little strip for the lads. They all head upstairs to the bedroom where she checks their cocks with her tongue. As she lies on the bed, Zoe's pussy has no problems taking Pascal's prick. She then stands to let Tony take her from behind. Riding Pascal, Zoe's bum slams down hard on his thighs. Tony climbs onto the bed and she takes a second cock in her pussy. A mild spanking from Ben for being such a naughty girl is followed by all three inserting their fingers into her arse. As she bites her lip, Pascal inches into her bum. Once he's in the smile comes back to her face. Her grin gets bigger as Tony eases his man meat into her minge for a little DP action. The trio wank off over her face. Zoe wants a pee and Ben follows with his camera.

With over three hours and a 20 minute bonus scene there's plenty to watch, though the DVD does come with a 'Short Version' option for those who don't want the chat and cannot be bothered to hit the skip button. The film is typical of Ben's work - hand held camera shots, a few wobbles and a lot of talking with the performers and to himself. As for the girls, Alexis deserves a medal for endurance, her scene being longer than many films. Both Bianca and hot Zoe [8] put in good performances. Young Polish Zoe looks a little unsure at times with 'Naughty Uncle Ben' (who is at least twice her age) and the boys, but as the scene progressed she became engrossed in the action. If you are a Dover fan or someone who likes British gonzo films add this to your collection. Ben has a winning formula which is why he is still around after all these years and For Your Arse Only follows it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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