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Released: 2006
Director: Sandie Caine
Notes: Candy Caine Productions / Wrist Action Entertainment
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Notes and Reviews

Sandie Caine hosts and stars in most of these semen-soaked scenes. In the first, Sandie and Teoni are on their knees in front of a room full of men. The girls have no time to undress as the first cum is delivered just 90 seconds into the scene. Fortunately Sandie has invited lots of friends to her ultra un-stylish front room so there's no shortage of spunk for the next ten minutes or so.

The second scene (called Sperm Doner Nurse, a pun on cock kebabs perhaps?) has Donna Derriere in a hygienic pvc nurses outfit. The uniform is already unzipped to the waist as the scene opens and Donna has four cocks to suck. Losing her cap and her knickers, she continues to suck cock and get her pussy groped by the half dozen guys present.

The third, very brief, scene, has Caitlin in close up and is called "a behind the scenes willy warm up". Caitlin, wearing a black lacy top and white skirt, is hungrily sucking cocks until one of them pops across her cheek.

For the next scene Sandie counts 17 studs for her gang bang. Dressed in just a Brasil T-shirt/dress and matching soccer socks, Sandie sits on the sofa taking some time to introduce the scene. Caitlin, in a see-through pink number, sits alongside. The fucking starts on the sofa as soon as Sandie flashes an unshaven pussy and spreads her legs; a succession of guys then take their turn. Much of the sex is condom-free as the now naked Caitlin demonstrates when she gets a creampie. Sex is mainly missionary and doggy although Sandie, still in her Brasil vest, sits on one cock. Plenty of facials throughout as the girls seem to fuck most of the guys present.

For 'Witches Brew' Hayley and Sandie wear witch's hats and not much else and anyway, within a couple of minutes Hayley is naked and already dripping with cum. The girls simply kneel or sit on a mattress on the floor surrounded by another dozen plus guys who get their cocks sucked and shoot into the girl's faces. Pure bukkake.

Bukkake purists will appreciate the simplicity here, a room, a girl and loads of cock. Clearly and sensibly filmed with only those guys requesting anonymity having their faces discretely pixellated in post-production and the stills cameraman operating off available light. This is a pleasure to watch (providing you like this kind of thing). Compare with Bukkake Man 2 recently released which was technically appalling.

Sandie and Caitlin's appetite for cock in their pussies gets the better of them as they are seriously gang-banged, but it's all done with such suburban good taste of which the English are masters. Good film.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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