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Released: 2005
Director: Kendo
Notes: Ruder Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Bums
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Running time: 86 mins.

Roxanne, dressed in a sheer black bodysuit, sashays onto the villa's balcony, slowly stroking herself. A naked Tony James has been waiting for her and his hands replace hers, wandering all over Roxanne's body. Fortunately there is a hole in the crotch to allow Tony's fingers to slip into her pussy, but he then opts to pull the bodystocking down to her thighs before fucking Roxanne doggystyle. All the action is in doggy, although Tony moves his cock full length into Roxanne's arse before wanking into a cocktail glass and watching Roxanne drink the contents.

Claire, in black basque, stockings and heels, gyrates against the villa's gates to arouse Pascal and Tony before joining them so they can fuck her on the patio. Before they do, the guys open up both Claire's pussy and arse with a big pink dildo and she sucks them to full wood. While Pascal watches from afar Tony goes first in doggy, moving on to fill Claire's arse too; then Pascal joins in with Claire sucking Tony. Claire gets a cowgirl DP, both ways, before the guys come over her bum.

Another girl enjoying the sun on the balcony is Natalie Heck, wearing just crotchless black fishnets. This solo scene consists mainly of stylishly shot close-ups of Natalie fingering her bum then, after 15 minutes, sticking a green vibrator up her arse.

Finally Roxanne and Claire are together. They both wear basques, stockings and lace gloves, Roxanne in black and Claire in white. Neither girl wears knickers. The next 20 minutes is a nicely erotic mix of fingering and dildo action on a metal garden seat in the brilliant Portuguese sun.

Four super-stylish scenes from Kendo with top girls getting down and dirty. Unfortunately they are scenes that clearly belong elsewhere, having been shot, I presume, at the same time as the two 'Masks' films and should have been included therein. Although there is a lot of attention paid to the girls' arses there are only three on show in the whole film and only Roxanne and Claire get fucked. And with a running length of just 85 minutes it's poor value. Obviously aimed at die-hard arse fetishists, this one's a bummer.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

This was shot in the blazing Mediterranean sun and Kendo has beautifully framed the three girls under the azure blue skies and against stark white walls and balustrades for his film focusing on the female backside in all its glory.

In a black nylon body stocking, Roxanne climbs to the sun-drenched roof of the villa, giving glimpses of her pussy through the split crotch. As she gazes across the countryside her hand slowly rubs between her legs and she slips a finger into her bum. Tony James comes across to massage her bum and Roxanne leans forward to wrap her lips around his cock. Peeling off the nylon outfit, Tony works his fingers and tongue into Roxanne's arse, getting it wet and ready to fuck. With Roxanne on all fours, Tony slips into her pussy for a good pounding. The pair roll into the spoons where, with leg lifted, Roxanne's bum is filled. Moving back to doggy, Roxanne sticks her arse high in the air for Tony to fuck. Pulling out, Tony fires his load into a champagne glass and Roxanne empties it into her mouth.

Scottie is slowly sliding her bum cleavage up and down a white iron fence watched by Tony and Pascal. The boys run their hands up her stocking covered legs and start to paw at her pussy. A pink vibrator is produced and plunged deep into her arse as Scottie dribbles strings of saliva over the boys' cocks. Scottie groans as Tony ravages her bum hole, then Pascal takes over the prodding making her body judder. With her toe sticking out through her stocking, Scottie impales her arse on Tony's cock, bending backward so Pascal's prick can penetrate her pussy. The boys cover Scottie's back and cunt with cream.

Natalie Heck is sunning her bum in her fishnet tights. She parts the cheeks and plays her fingers across her arse then gently slips them into her hole. Her other hand fondles her body, working its way towards her pussy. She sighs as two digits are eased between her lips. Moving to a low white balustrade the breeze ruffles Natalie's blonde hair as she pushes more and more fingers in her holes. Crouching, Natalie drives a fluorescent orange and green toy deep into her back passage and wanks away till she climaxes.

Roxanne, in black basque and stockings, stands beside Scottie, in contrasting white. The girls kiss, their tongues working over each other's bodies down to their bums. Scottie removes her white lace gloves to finger fuck Roxanne, popping one then two fingers into her arse. The girls indulge in a little mutual masturbation and minge munching, Roxanne producing a large red dildo to use on Scottie. Licking off the juices it's Roxanne's turn to take the toy. She stands with one leg raised on a chair while Scottie rams it into her pussy. Both girls are nice and wet, ready for anal action. Scottie sticks the big red toy up her own arse then helps Roxanne with an equally large black dildo. The pair work away at their bums till they reach a body shaking climax.

Artistically and erotically shot, Kendo shows that with creative use of angles and light you can make an excellent film with a very small cast. Natalie puts in a sensual sexy solo scene, Roxanne and Scottie working together are great. Another winner from Kendo.

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