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Released: 2005
Notes: Premier Productions
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Running time: 149 mins.

Big Sister is a club on the continent where girls and guys go for more than just drinks. A series of couples and groups are ushered into the club's back rooms where an ever attentive barman watches with his CCTV surveillance system.

In her purple latex dress and fishnets, Red practices pole dancing in the empty bar. A guy enters and watches as he sips at his drink. Red's interests are aroused. Grabbing hold of him, she heads to the club's maroon and black fetish room. Teasing him with a whip, Red runs her hands over her rubber dress. She notices a bulge starting to form in his jeans. Removing his belt, Red drags it back and forth over her pussy as he undoes his pants. Pulling out his prick, she wraps her fingers tightly round its length and guides it towards her open mouth. Red's tongue works its way down the shaft and she bites at his balls. Lying back, she brushes her heels over the guy's dick then opens her legs to be licked. Dress hitched up, Red turns onto all fours. The guy slides his length into her pussy. Red takes control, mounting his manhood and grinding against his balls. The two fall on to their sides and continue shagging. The guy squirts his spunk over Red's pussy.

Decently enough shot, the scenes in Big Sister give a mix of boy/girl action from the straight forward to the slightly kinky stuff featuring Red. The film's big problem (apart from lack of decent titles) is there's nothing which makes you sit up and notice. It's rather like 'wallpaper sex' - there without grabbing your attention. Big Sister is easy to watch but soon forgotten.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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