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Released: 2005
Director: Buck Adams
Notes: Fatt Entertainment / Antiqua Pictures
Alternate Titles
  • Buck Adams' Beach Patrol
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 81 mins.

Beach Patrol is another 'imitation' of the TV show Bay Watch, directed by and starring the geriatric performer Buck Adams. Ashley Long appears beside a number of bottle blonde silicone filled American girls in a disappointingly short film.

Ashley appears in the third scene which, strangely for a beach-based movie, is shot in a villa in the hills. Sitting by the pool, Dale DeBone has come to see the head lifeguard but Ashley has other plans for him. She strips out of her bright yellow costume and wraps her legs around his neck pulling his face into her pussy. Grabbing Dales's dick Ashley runs her tongue across the head then slips it into her mouth for a good suck. With Dale on the lounger, Ashley positions herself above his condom-covered cock and slowly lowers her body till it's buried in her pussy. She turns onto all fours to be taken doggy, but her normal grunts and moans are replaced by a drum machine solo. After she has been fucked up the bum spoons, Dale pulls out to fill Ashley's mouth with cream.

For a plot based film there was no plot, the script and delivery were poor and wooden and with the exception of the girls running along the beach (which was repeated between each scene) the film could have been shot anywhere. With mediocre performances from all and a short running time you can leave Beach Patrol on the shelf, you're not missing much.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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