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Released: 2005
Director: Justine Slayer
Notes: Exquisite
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Running time: 139 mins.

Filmed in the States and on location in Prague, Big Tit Brotha Lovers stars four naturally endowed girls including the Brit Alicia Rhodes and the surgically enhanced Gina Ryder.

Alicia kicks the film off in a scene shot in America. Sitting on a grey velour sofa, she eases her boobs out of a shiny silver top and starts to play, tweaking her nipples as she talks about being fucked by a big black cock. When the guy turns up she is not disappointed. Slowly she wanks his long, slighly curved tool and, crouching, Alicia's eyes bulge as it slips down her throat. She pushes her tits together and the guy fucks her cleavage. Alicia moves back to the sofa to have her pussy stuffed, her breasts jiggling with each stroke. The pair roll over, Alicia riding cowgirl and the guy's balls bashing her bum as she bonks. She spins round to face the other way. On all fours, glitter shimmers on her bum as she is bonked doggy style. The couple then start to repeat positions and the session ends after 25 minutes with a squirt of spunk over the tits.

None of the three US scenes had much spontaneity about them and all were much of a muchness. The last two sections shot in the Czech Republic had a lot more going for them - a decent build up and a little foreplay. Though not bad, there is not a lot which stands out in this film, and it's not one of Alicia's better titles. Overall an average film which you can take or leave.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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