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Released: 2005
Director: Robert Herrera
Notes: Simon Wolf
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 116 mins.

Michelle Barrett appears with four other large-breasted girls in what can best be described as a run-of-the-mill production. The film does show the Americans have no taste when it comes to interior decoration, with plenty of brash purples and pinks splashed about.

For Michelle fans you have to wade through three scenes (or press the fast forward) to see her dressed in a pink bra and denim ra-ra skirt sitting on a purple (!!) sofa. Stripped, she lies back with her legs open to get her pussy licked. She then drops to the floor to give the guy a blow job. Moving back to the sofa, Michelle slips the man meat into her wet pussy and starts jacking up and down on the shaft, her boobs bouncing and banging together. The pair roll into spoons, the guy hammering his balls against Michelle's clit as they hump. The two screw round to missionary, Michelle's tits joggling with each thrust. She lies open mouthed to catch the guys' cream.

Whilst Michelle put some effort into her performance, some of the other girls just seemed to go through the mechanics, convinced a pair of wobbling tits was all it takes to put on a good show... they were wrong. Buy this only if you're a big Michelle fan.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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