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Released: 2005
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Running time: 92 mins.

This film should come with a warning 'Contains truly awful interiors'. Given the deplorable decor, it's a wonder Kelly Madison, Carmen, Brandy and Alexis May could keep their mind on proceedings as the girls play their parts as big-boobed hookers.

In her red mini skirt, stockings and low cut top, Alexis loiters on the street corner looking for business. A car pulls up and she leans through the window to show what's on offer. The guy pulls out his prick. Liking what she sees, Alexis starts to lick. The two head back to his flat. Sitting on the edge of the guy's bath, Alexis lifts her boobs out of her bra. Her tongue flicks across her nipples. Tugging at his cock, the punter joins in the licking. Stripped, Alexis climbs into the bath, covering herself with soap. She traps the cock in her cleavage for a tit wank. Dried off, the two make for the bedroom. The guy grabs her swinging boobs as he bangs Alexis doggy style. Flat on his back, Alexis lowers herself onto his shaft. Her breasts joggle. The scene ends with the guy shooting his load over Alexis' tits.

Whilst the girls do their best and Carmen gets herself into almost impossible positions with her legs wrapped round behind her head, your attention is continually drawn to the dyslexic colour schemes and tasteless backdrops against which the action is being performed. Speaking personally, Busty Hookers, through no fault of the performers, is a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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