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Released: 2004
Director: Sandie Caine
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Many bukkake party films are just that, shot after shot of cocks exploding in girls' faces. When Faye and Sandie play hosts to a dozen guys, they seem to like their pussies to get some attention too. The action here is in the small suburban flat that we have seen in other productions, with the luridly patterned carpet and décor that was the height of fashion in Moscow apartments in the 80s (and feature on so many internet sites today).

With so many bodies there's no narrative and with all the guys hidden from the waist up it's hard to tell what's going on or whether all the guys get their fair share - still I suppose that's up to them on the night. What we see is Sandie and Faye getting gang-banged, sometimes with and sometimes without condoms. Sandie, as director, talks throughout even when she's getting DP'd. For the finale both girls lie on the floor kissing while getting covered in spunk.

Kym Morgan takes on another ten blokes on her own, sitting in an armchair in a white bikini. In between sucking cock she takes a pull on a fag or two giving literal meaning to smoking cocks. There's little change of position as the guys queue for quick relief in Kym's mouth who naturally ends up smothered in cum.

It must be Christmas time because Autumn and Sandie are in red underwear and have reindeer antlers on their heads. The scene starts with a brief girl-girl sequence while the guys take a few souvenir pictures, then the pair plunge into the cocks. The guys start poppin' fairly soon as the girls kneel in front of them. There's no other sexual action and the girls end smothered all over their faces and tits.

Sandie has the paddling pool inflated as the guys line up around the edge (the sides must be two feet deep). Inside Sandie and Shaz prepare to take the full might of a dozen cocks in bj after bj after bj. Which they do.

Bukkake novice Kimberley, naked except for her skirt hitched around her waist, takes on a squad of guys wanking and spraying over her. She catches some over her face and tits but she also has a wine glass handy to catch some for later. Sandie arranges for the twelve guys to stand in line for their pleasure, which means that the queue stretches across the room, out the door and onto the landing. Kimberley works her way through, two or three cocks at a time. At the end there's a brief chat with Sandie in the shower as she cleans herself up.

A bukkake film with lots of blokes, with the bonus of Sandie getting shafted in the first scene. A minority taste, but for the minority a good film with all the important bits clearly shown.

Review by Bayleaf

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