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Released: 2003
Director: Michael Raven
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 98 mins.

Set in the early 50's, Beautiful is Michael Raven's clever reinterpretation of a classic fairy tale. Stormy Daniels and Devinn Lane look forward to their evenings, where they can escape the drudgery and mundane work in the tyrannical Julie Ann's mirror factory.

Out at a swanky night club, Devinn throws herself at anything with a cock. Stormy feels out of place. Leaving the club, she knocks a drink over Mr Prince, Julie Ann's business partner and would be boyfriend. He is smitten, but Julie Ann wants revenge. Things couldn't get much worse for Stormy.

In the end, Stormy is saved from a fate worse than death by her shining knight Mr Prince. Julie Ann ends up having a raging tantrum in front of the police.

Though Ashley Long appears in the film, her role is brief, acting as background 'furniture' giving Randy Spears a blow job in the night club. Blink and you'll miss her performance.

In a film where there's as much story as sex, portrayal of the part is essential. Stormy, as the beautiful, innocent office worker is good, but she is outshone by Julie Ann as the evil Miss Queen. In her plunging neckline dresses and PVC outfit, she is a cross between Cruella De Ville and the wicked queen from Snow White. Mirror, mirror on the wall... For those who want more than just banging, this is a great film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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