< Black and White Swap

Released: 1970s
Notes: loop, Color Climax 1354, 8 mins. Included on Danish Hardcore 103.
Notes and Reviews

A black couple get off a double-decker bus and walk up the drive of a large house. The door is answered by a white couple. They go into the lounge. The white male and the black girl go into the garden; the black man and the white woman are on the sofa. There is cutting between the two - blow job on sofa, full blown sex to climax in garden. The couple in the garden return to lounge and have it all over again on floor. Meanwhile the black male and white woman have sex doggie fashion, but there is no sight of penetration. The loop ends with the black and the white woman having the black man cum on their faces.

A good Idea for film but too much intercutting.


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