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Released: 2003
Director: LG (Lee G)
Notes: West Coast
Notes and Reviews
  • Style: Gonzo
  • Theme: Black men & White Women

Overall rating: 2 out of 5

Black Cum 'N' White Girlz is a West Coast production by LG, specialising in black guys, white girls and a bling-bling style. The film accompanies this image with an R 'n' B music track with plenty of hot white girls doing their thing, but does it live up to the hype? Sadly not.

Our Brit girls are in the last scene of the flick and work together to please the 'stud'. They look good, naked in all their glory and Honey even has a look of Tracy Shaw who used to be in 'Coronation Street' (though that might be a bad thing depending on your tastes). When we join them, they are already on the bed, then answer a few questions before going to town. What follows is your usual oral on him, her, kissing, some fingers, sex in various positions and an internal cum shot in Honey that is licked out by Ivy. Sound good? It should and certainly is a long scene for your money, but I found a few flaws in this scene, much like the rest of the film, that spoiled it for me.

My biggest disappointment was the work between the two girls. There should be harmony, chemistry, sexiness and working together to make a great scene. However for me, it seemed Honey was dominating the scene at the expense of her colleague. Honey is loud, very loud and expressive. I normally find this a good thing, but even when she wasn't being touched or touching herself? Her performance didn't seem to be natural and it seemed as if she was trying to cut into the action that Ivy had by talking over Ivy's dialogue and action, demanding the manhood for herself and overall trying to hog the scene. I am not certain of porn star etiquette but I would imagine this being quite rude to your fellow star. I believe it was a particular shame as I rather liked Ivy's performance. She looked amazing, seemed very into the action and there are some shots of her riding the meat and being taken from behind that look nut bustingly superb. The second biggest flaw was the male in the piece. I was sick of his gurning, dialogue and overall bizarre behaviour in the performance. He wasn't the only one, it seemed nearly ever male in this film does the same thing. It's annoying and distracting, it needlessly spoils the scene. The third flaw, and one that applies to the whole flick, is that this is supposed to be an internal film so you would expect emphasis on that, but there isn't. You don't know he has finished until well after the deed. It just seems strange to have an internal film and not actually make a big deal of it in the scene. Overall this is an OK scene, spoiled by flaws, but has a saving grace in the performance of Ivy. A 2.5 out of 5 for this scene.

The rest of the flick is average. There are some attractive women on show and the guys are mostly hung well and pump away with the best of them. The DVD has some OK trailers and a nice scene selection as well as a pointless cut materials section. However, the lack of emphasis on the finish (indeed in one scene we don't even see the proof of the internal) and the crazy antics of the men spoil it. Much like the bling-bling style it emulates, it fails to deliver. It's style over substance and there isn't much style or substance here. Overall a 2 out of 5.

Review by Steven Stone
June 2006

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