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Released: 2004
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Five short films from Viv Thomas. Usual production values and featuring two top British performers and three very attractive European girls.

No-one steals from Tony Cinzano

Tony (Uttley) is asleep when cat burglar Summer breaks in (dressed in the pvc catsuit she wears in Cocks & Throbbers). There is a brief fight between the naked Tony and Summer but he overpowers her, pins her to the bed and removes hers mask. Summer bargains her freedom for sex and Tony fucks her naked on the bed and cums over her tits. Once Tony is asleep Summer flees with the booty.

Pinball jizard

Clark gives Betty (European) some extra coaching on the pinball machine before fucking her on the blue sofa.

Try this tool for size

Atilla is a plumber who falls asleep on a bed and dreams that he fucks Andrea/Stella, or was it a dream?

Handling major assets

Junior financier Steve Hooper has fallen asleep in the bedroom at his boss's party. Boss's wife Angie finds him and asks him to handle her assets, which she gets out for Steve to assess. She starts by giving Steve a nice tit wank then 69 and when they are both naked the fucking begins, reverse cowgirl, spoons and brief facial. Angie has had a busy time over the past year or so and collecting every one is costly, but worth it.

She's perfectly formed and blows like a horn

Sex on a sofa in her Budapest apartment for Vanessa with Clark.

Review by Bayleaf

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