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Released: 2003
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Notorious
Notes and Reviews

Plausible premise made implausible. Babysitters getting into trouble with their employers through bad behaviour, getting out of trouble by fucking them.

In the last scene, Honey is explaining to a sympathetic employer that she is worried that her boyfriiend will expect her to give out at next week's prom. The parental advice she gets is not "do it only if you're ready" but "perhaps I can show you a few moves". Judging by the way Honey attacks his member with her mouth she doesn't need much help and soon her thin blue dress is off and they're fucking on the sofa and over the coffee table. Scene ends as the dad cums over her small tits. Honey is a slim girl with a spiky dyed blonde crop.

Other scenes: Haley, who's found naked in the lounge after a party; Chrystal Rae, who's punishment for fucking the boss is to fuck him again with wife Tayla Rox; and Maggie who's unauthorised use of the bedroom camcorder leads to a fucking. Interesting but quite short and hardly worth the effort.

Review by Bayleaf

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