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Released: 2004 (2006 for DVD)
Notes: Wicked City Films, formerly a TVX series
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Running time: 88 mins.

Nichola Holt was the first contestant from Big Brother to move into adult films. She appeared in a number of productions during 2004 and a lot of the titles were a pun on the Big Brother theme. Big Bummer is one such film. Originally shot for TV film, four episodes from the series are now released in their R18 version.

Striking shaven-headed Nichola sits on the Big Bummer throne in her fluffy pink cardigan waiting for instructions. Big Bummer speaks. Nichola is granted one wish ... she wants cock up her arse. She is told to proceed to the lounge. Danny sits on the sofa. Nichola plonks herself on his knee. Removing her cardie, she reveals her black lingerie trimmed in pink fur. Undoing her bra, Nichola thrusts her pierced nipples into his mouth as her hands explore the contours of his pants. Grabbing Danny's dick firmly in her hand she stuffs him in her mouth and her fingers caress his balls. Lying on her side, Nichola is shagged spoons. Wrapping her arm round his neck she urges him to fuck her harder. Placing her head on the arm of the sofa, Nichola's pussy is pumped form behind. Her body jolts as Danny drives home. Standing against the wall, Nichola has her wish fulfilled as Danny rams his cock up her bum. She sinks to the floor and he wanks into her open mouth. She swallows every last drop.

Nichola is next sent to the bedroom where Ellie Daniels is waiting in her red leather skirt and black top. Lifting Ellie's tits out, Nichola starts to lick. She makes her way down Ellie's body, ending in her pussy. Lapping at Nichola's tatty denim shorts, Ellie manages to bury an opaque dildo in her pussy. Nichola strokes Ellie's blonde hair as she is wanked, her pussy lips stretching over the toy. Bending forward, Ellie has a blue vibrator worked into her fanny. The girls swap places and a silver vibe is used on Nichola's arse. Moaning she cums. Elle is poked in the bum with a toy and, her eyes closed, she quivers.

Dressed in red leather straps and chains, Nichola is sent to see Kris by Big Bummer. She grasps his trousers and begins to squeeze. Kris's cock pops out. She takes it in her mouth then tongues his nut sack. Running her pussy over his leg, Nichola wanks hard on the cock before swallowing it. On her back with one leg on Kris's shoulder and the chains jangling as her wet pussy is plundered, she shouts for more. It's too much for Kris - he sprays over her face.

In her army fatigues, Nichola is given cleaning duties by Big Bummer. She is to go to the bathroom at once. Her objections soon wane when she finds she is to clean Lindsay who is standing in the shower. Stripped, she dives in and starts working with her tongue, lapping at Lindsay's firm breasts before crouching to clean her cunt. The girls head to the bedroom, Nichola forcing her face into Lindsay's arse as they roll around the bed. A pink toy appears, screaming and shouting Nichola take it in her pussy. She turns onto her back with legs high and the toy is plunged into her arse. The girls wank each other to climax.

Watching this film it's origins as a TV series are easy to see - long-distance shots with strategically placed pots and vases to obscure the action inter cut with close-ups. Whilst shaven Nichola is not your conventional 'beauty' there is something about her and her enthusiasm which make you want to watch. It may be just the raw power of her performance. An enjoyable watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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