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Released: 2004
Director: Sandie Caine
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

A bukkake film with a little more class, but not that much. Sandie Caine and friends fill their faces.

Kat's Birthday Shower

Kat Varga, in a bride's dress, takes all the guys in turn in her mouth, loosing her veil and getting her tits out along the way. Scene ends with a 5-guy facial after which Sandie, in bra and pants, takes on the last guys standing.

Funnel of Love

Jenny traps Sandie with a pair of handcuffs and, suitably bound, starts to remove her clothes and tease her with a black dildo and a bit of gg69. But the cocks won't wait and there's a cut to some sucking before Sandie puts on an extraordinary belt around her head with a funnel into her mouth which collects spunk, of which plenty is duly deposited.

Spunkin Donuts

After collecting spunk from another bunch of donors in a glass dish, Sandie goes to the kitchen and enjoys eating a couple of donuts deep-dunked in semen.

The Brighton Bang

With John Mason behind the camera, Sandie and Claire are free for some shagging as well. Sandie is grabbed immediately, hoisted onto a table and fucked. Picked up by her stud and moved to the sofa, a second guy sticks his cock in her face. As soon as we see Claire she's impaled on a cock. This extended scene is really a double gang bang rather than bukkake as both Claire and Sandie have one cock or other inside them all the time. Sandie looks particularly fetching in just pink collar, cuffs and candystripe stockings.

Just before the end of the last scene, Ben Dover turns up, but his antics are recorded in the extras section where he gets a 4 minute double bj from Claire and Sandie. Also in the extras is another 30 minutes of cock-sucking. Sandie's bukkake fans will have this film in their collection already, for the rest it's probably an acquired taste.

Review by Bayleaf

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