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Released: 2004
Director: Michael Windsor
Notes: Tempted Home Video / Rude Britannia Royale
Alternate Titles
  • Verhext von einem geilen Luder Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

Burn is the every day tail of failed writers, 17th century witches, modelling, murder and sex, starring Poppy Morgan, Nicole Sheridan, Rebecca Love and Brooke with Even Stone and Voodoo providing the man meat.

Even Stone is suffering from writers block with his new novel, but this doesn't prevent him from fantasising about a 17th century romp on the lawn with Brooke. This acts as no inspiration so he phones his model wife (Nicole Sheridan) who is on location at a shoot and being screwed senseless by the photographer (Voodoo). Nothing left to do but hit the bottle.

He awakes in the middle of a thunderstorm to find Poppy Morgan in a period crimson dress in the middle of the lawn. She has fallen through a time void from the 1650s where she has been accused of witchcraft. As any good time traveller would do, Poppy slips Even's cock out for a suck then lies down in front of the fire for a good pussy pounding. One thing Poppy wants to know is if the taste of spunk has changed over the last 350 years, so she takes a mouthful to check.

Nicole returns from the shoot with the photographer and his girlfriend (Rebecca Love) in tow. Even is left in the shower while the three have some hot sex action.

Even's sanity is questioned when he claims to have had sex with a witch and Nicole banishes him to his den. No sooner has he left than Poppy appears for some finger fucking fun with Nicole. There is also plenty of pussy lip sucking and tonguing during the scene.

Meanwhile Even flips and is convinced he has to murder his wife. Does he? ... That would be telling.

With a lot of plot based films you find stars who can shag but can't speak. Not with Poppy, she delivered her lines as if she knew what they meant and didn't just read parrot fashion from an idiot board. The only problem I have with the film is with Even Stone. In the first scene he looked like a young and slightly slimmer Meatloaf and I couldn’t get this out of my mind throughout the whole film.

The De-Luxe version of the DVD comes with a second disk including 12 minutes of interviews and a 20 minute short featuring Poppy with scenes from her Rude Britannia films.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (April 2005):

US Girls: Nicole Sheridan, Brooke, Rebecca Love; Boys Evan Stone, Voodoo.

A first porn feature release on Rude Britannia's 'Royale' label. Good to see RB continuing to broaden their output.

The film opens in the mid 17th Century in the grounds of a castle where Brooke awaits the pleasure of Evan Stone. He joins her in the castle grounds and they remove their period clothes (Evan keeps his thighboots on!) and they fuck on the grass in the sunshine. Brooke takes Evan's generously full length in doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary where he pulls out and cums over her tits. (Nice period costumes except for Brooke's 21st century pants ... and shouldn't Evan have used a pig's bladder instead of a rubber?).

Afterwards Evan tries to whisper sweet nothings into her ear but can't find the words, at which we leap forward 350 years to where we find present day castle owner, romantic novelist David (Evan), unable to find words for his new novel. Model wife Justine (Nicole Sheridan) calls to say her photo shoot is over-running with photographer Richard (real-life husband Voodoo). David hits the pills and the Jack Daniels but is woken by the thunderflash announcing the arrival of witch Poppy Morgan.

Evan takes Poppy into the house and calls his wife. Justine tells him to calm down and returns to Richard who's sharing her bed. Richard fucks her in missionary and cowgirl before coming in her mouth.

Back at the house witch Poppy, who was nearly burnt alive in the 1650's, is smashing Justine's photo's and offers great magic to David. He needs little persuading and they have sex in front of a blazing log fire. Athletic missionary, cowgirl and doggy followed by a facial.

Next morning David awakes wondering if it was all an alcohol induced dream but discovers the witch's mark on his arm. Wife Justine returns with Richard and assistant Wendy (Rebecca Love) and while showing her visitors to their rooms she pauses to have three-way sex with them and Richard cums over the girls' tits.

Meanwhile David hears voices in the shower. Guilty Justine waits for him naked on the bed, but he pushes her away and, filled with inspiration, heads for his study. Justine stays on the bed and starts to masturbate while Richard and Wendy drive into town. On the way they hear Poppy's voice, causing them to crash in a ball of fire at the moment of Justine's orgasm. David continues to write while Poppy discovers the naked Justine and they share good girl girl sex on the bed.

Poppy vanishes and reappears with David, encouraging him to stab his wife. After a three-way struggle she loses her mysterious pendant and immediately bursts into flames, causing the entire castle to burn to the ground. David loses a novel but regains his wife.

This is a good feature. The plot isn't particularly original, but the production values are high. All the performers show some acting talent, particularly Evan Stone, and the sex is good. Nice post-production effects as, for example, when the car crashes or when the whole castle blazes. Poppy acquits herself well, both with her dialogue and the job of taking all of Evan Stone inside her. Condoms used throughout except between the husband and wife coupling of Voodoo and Nicole in the hotel.

Critics of porn features may keep their fingers off the fast-forward button here thanks to the script and delivery. Particularly pleasing to see British distributors Rude Britannia taking a financial stake in the production. Well worth watching,

Sold with a second DVD of bonus material which includes interviews with Poppy, Voodoo, Evan and Nicole, which turn out to be quite revealing.

A 10 minute compilation entitled "Poppy Morgan's Sloppiest Blowjobs" has Poppy sucking half a dozen cocks, taken from Shag My Bitch Up, The Wedding and Essentially Sex.

Nice sequence of stills too.

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