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Notes and Reviews

Filmed at the same time as New Places, New Faces 2, also featuring Steve Perry as cameraman Sly Fondle

  • Juliette Muir and Kelly Hearne are met at Crystal palace. Kelly is wearing no knickers and moons at two men in a parked van. They have separate sex scenes (Kelly first), both doing anal
  • Zoe (English Porno Groupies) and Amber (Claire Bamford) are met in the street. Claire has a scene with Omar and then Zoe, anal, with Dick Nasty
  • A re-cut version of the New Places scene with Laura Singer, excluding the public blowjob, but including anal
  • Marie-Anne Young (Your Scene omits to describe this scene), sex scene with Dick

Additional comment by jj:

Although the Kelly Hearne scene is one of her better ones, and those with Zoe and Marie-Ann aren't bad, the main reason for my getting this tape was for the Laura Singer anal. Even though Dick Nasty (as usual) fails to exploit this heaven-sent opportunity to its fullest (only doggy position, alas), he has my heartfelt thanks just for getting her to do it in the first place (or did she volunteer?)!! The intro to this scene is great. Laura throatily purrs the line: "I want you to fuck me up the arse and really piss my boyfriend off.." (Break for short lie-down...!).

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