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Released: 2001
Director: John Mason
Notes: Hollywood
Alternate Titles
  • The Brits Are Cumming: British Bonkers 10 DVD available DVD title, Scala / Hollywood video
Notes and Reviews

Running time 1hr 45mins.

A US release of some John Mason scenes from the mid nineties. With quality content like this I can understand why American producers think they have nothing to fear from the UK.

In the first scene, John and his cameraman Peter go to a hotel room to shoot the lovely slim Stephanie (Stephanie [2] - see egafd). John runs out of film and Stephanie makes a grab for his trousers. There is a sudden cut and John is lying on top of Stephanie with his cock in her pussy. Fucking consists of a lot of good natured bouncing around on the bed and ending with Stephanie wanking John to a climax.

Tammi features in the second scene, first being photographed solo in the living room, kitchen and back yard by John Mason. Then, lying on a bed, John gives Tammiís pubes a trim before taking a few more stills and joining her on the bed for a fuck.

Sex in the usual positions before John pulls out in missionary and shoots over Tammi's torso, which she then rubs over her tits. This is early John Mason stuff (the proper cumshot) and shot in Marcus Allen's bedroom (that bedspread) in Paddington (see establishment shot outside Paddington Green nick).

For the third scene John has gone to Lara's suburban house in the midlands where she opens the door wearing a pretty summer frock. Upstairs, in the bedroom, John unpacks his gear while Lara waits patiently. She then poses for him in the bedroom, bathroom and stairs, removing her dress, white underwear and stockings and ending up naked in the lounge. When the film runs out, John undresses and fucks Lara who, while happy to adopt whatever position John wants, never really enjoys herself. Which is entirely in character with the way she looks, a nice suburban housewife with a pretty face and good figure. While fucking in missionary on the sofa John pulls out and cums over her belly.

There are lots of reasons not to buy this DVD. The sound is absolutely shite, the lighting poor and the original rough analogue video has lost even more quality in the digital transfer; and John Mason is no superstud. On the other hand scenes featuring the pro-am model Lara are rarer than hen's teeth and Tammi should have done more, which is why it found its way into my collection from a budget US source.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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