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Released: 2002
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Heatwave
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Running time: 107 mins.

Angel Long appears with the Americans Cameron Cain and Velvet Rose (in a badly fitting blonde wig) in this very strange tale.

While visiting the fair, Cameron and Velvet enter the freak show. Here Cameron shags and falls in love with the handyman Ben English. She persuades him to stay when the fair moves on, but he has a terrible secret - at full moons he turns into a beast on the hunt for pussy.

Not able to bring himself to tell Cameron, he heads back to the show where he finds Angel Long lying and being fucked by a half man/half dog. She turns and unzips the owner's trousers, taking his cock in her mouth. Dropping her head off the end of the bench, Angel gets her tonsils fucked as doggy boy bangs her pussy. She mounts the owner, bouncing on his cock, then falls forward to be spit roasted. Pulling at her bum cheeks, the guys take turns filling Angel's arse. She sucks off the juice between each bout. Having her bum bonked is not enough. Angel wants both guys at once and they are only too happy to stuff her holes with man meat. Angel sticks out her long tongue to catch the spunk when they are ready to cum. She lets it dribble over her face.

Shocked with what he has seen, Ben goes back to Cameron who has arranged a party. Here she shows she can take cocks and cunts till the cows come home and is more than a match for his beastly ways. Faced with the choice Freak Show or Nympho, Ben decides on the latter.

A weird story line with corny special effects, but the action is hot and hard ... and what is Angel doing in the Freak Show? A good tongue in cheek film to watch if you want something different.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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