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Released: 2003
Notes: Rude Britannia / One Eyed Jack
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Terry's been back in the attic to dig out this collection of what he describes as home-made amateur shoots and private moments. Well they're certainly home made, having all been shot Chez Stephens.

A bit variable in quality, which is probably why this stuff has not previously been released, but all shot with Terry's trademark joie de vivre. It's also a collection that highlights Terry's empathy with the other performers, possibly because he's in there mixing it with them. As the man himself says in the very last scene, "I don't direct, I just go for it". Yeah.

Reanna has called in after work, as you can tell by her suit. She is a very curvy light-skinned black girl who is soon out of her clothes and sucking Terry's cock. An entirely solo effort here from Terry, in his lounge where he makes full use of the armchairs and the floor. The box cover claims anal, but the lighting isn't good, so I may have missed it. The final cum shot is over her belly as Reanna lies on the floor, where she stays, exhausted.

Petite Nina is round at Terry's with John Mason and friend Ian. It's a tour de force by the diminutive Nina who is shagged all over the place by John and Terry while Ian looks on. Anal then dp from Terry and John is followed by the arrival of Mr Slurpy who takes a turn too. And I still can't tell where she puts all that cock. In a surreal moment, scene four of this film is actually playing on the tv during the action.

The next scene starts conventionally enough with Cheryl in jeans and shirt on the bed. She undresses in an unselfconscious way, struggling to keep her boots on. This is another of Terry's private shags which develops a surprising intimacy as the sex gets more intense. Terry pulls out and cums over Cheryl's belly but she continues to finger herself, which Terry records in extreme close-up. Soon Terry has regained his erection and the fucking resumes including another modest cum shot. This is certainly the most natural and erotic performance I have seen from Cheryl.

And suddenly, scene four explodes onto the screen with Mr Slurpy fucking Abigail violently on the bed. John Mason is trying to capture the stills but the sexual action is fast and furious. A major technical problem with the whole of this lengthy scene is the lack of light. With the curtains closed nobody thought to switch on a lamp, so a lot of detail is missing. Terry takes over the shagging for a while, briefly he and Abigail are in the kitchen, then in the lounge. Here the action resumes with end to end stuff; during a short pause Abigail explains she's concerned about getting home to Wimbledon, whereupon the team goes back to the bedroom. At the end of the scene Mr Slurpy literally waves a white flag. Extraordinary stuff. The box cover explains that Abi came for an interview but got fucked instead; she got top billing on the sleeve too.

Veronica (unlisted) is another light-skinned, full figured black girl. She looks quite demure in light blue top and trousers, but as soon as the trousers are off and her tits are out she vigorously attacks a couple of dildos followed by sex with Mr Slurpy and Terry. She is also a very hairy girl, which is a pleasant change these days. Later in the scene she is lubed for anal sex then both guys cum over her tits.

Just when you thought it's all over there is a five minute film of a girl doing an impromptu strip on the landing. Very pretty, super body, no idea who she is. Come on Mr Stephens, we should be told.

Review by Bayleaf

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