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Released: 2003
Director: Greg Alves
Notes: Zero Tolerance
Alternate Titles
  • Blow Me Sandwich: Everyone's Favorite Treat
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 115 mins.

Greg Alves has hunted the world for girls who like to suck cock. In Blow Me Sandwich he has brought 14 of them together, including the Brits Angel and Ashley Long, to work in pairs on seven dicks in seven scenes.

Ashley and Angel are identically dressed at the start of the third scene in pink tops and denim shorts. The girls waste no time in stripping each other; then it's off to work on the cock. The two take turns filling their mouths full of dick and balls then swapping saliva as they wank the cock. As the scene progresses the cock goes deeper and deeper down each girl's throat mixed with plenty of tongue work and kissing. Finally Ashley gets her face and mouth covered in cum and Angel licks her clean.

Whilst Ashley and Angel put in sterling work the performance of the film goes to the American star Ashley Moore who takes a full length down her throat and manages to wrap her tongue around the nutsack.

Whilst this may appeal to avid blow job fans, the film was very repetitive. All the scenes were filmed from the same two angles with the girls in almost the same positions throughout and no view of the guys apart from their cock. With such great girls in the film it would have been nice to have long shots to see their bodies.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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