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Released: 2003
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Notorious
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Running time: 83 mins.

On a trip to America, Bonnie Heart and Sandie Caine are roped in to do a spot of Babysitting, along with Kitty, Ashley Moore and Ashley Blue.

With her blonde hair in bunches and wearing a tight white blouse and skirt, Bonnie is told the do's and don'ts of looking after Herchel's kids. With them safely tucked up in bed, she ignores her employer's advice and explores the house. Entering Herschel's den, Bonnie finds his stash of porn and starts to watch. Hearing the door open, Bonnie attempts to hide the evidence, but ends up ruining Herschel's tape. The only thing she can do is make him a new one. Stripped down to her knee length socks, Bonnie is bent over Herschel's knee and given a good spanking. She feels his cock growing with every smack. Wrapping her fingers round the shaft, Bonnie crams it deep down her throat. Herschel grabs her hips and lowers her onto his dick. Screwing round, Bonnie eases the staff into her arse, then wriggles and squirms. Dropping to her knees, mouth open, Bonnie catches Herchel's load of cum.

Lying on the sofa, Sandie chats away to her friend on the phone. Closing her eyes, she slowly drifts off to sleep. A rap on the window wakens her and she sees Joel wearing a plastic face mask. Sandie heads off to check the children, but the black clad Joel follows. Running down an endless corridor, she stumbles and falls against the wall. The ghoul thrusts his dick into her face. All Sandie can do is suck. She fills her mouth with his cheb. Carried to the bedroom, Sandie is dumped on the bed. The still masked Joel pulls and paws at her pussy. Ripping off her clothes, he slams his prick into her, spoons, then sits her on his shaft for a ride. Moving his dick into her arse, Sandie flops forward and ends being fucked doggy. Joel jerks his load over Sandie's face. With a start, she awakes! It was just a dream.

Returning home, Rebecca and her husband discover that their babysitters, Ashley Blue and Ashley Moore, have gone wild in the house. Grabbing Rebecca, the girls tie her to a chair and force her to watch as they fuck her husband.

What there is of Babysitter 14 is quite good, but at only 83 minutes, there's not a lot of it. Bonnie looks sweet and innocent in her scene until she gets sight of Herchel's cock. And a scared Sandie soon shows she can take shaft when confronted by a ghost. Whilst there are better films on the shelf, Babysitters 14 is an opportunity to see one of the few scenes shot by Sandie in the States.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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