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Released: 2003
Director: Bob Spallone
Notes: VCA
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Running time: 96 mins.

Its Betty's last day in the States and she is getting ready to return to Essex, but before she leaves she wants to do something for the down and outs of LA. Friend Maggie Star is sent to find twenty homeless men for Betty to do her charity work on. This is no hand out. Betty wants the guys to enrol on a Dicks for Dollars scheme. Maggie returns with the twenty and gets them ready for action by giving them blow jobs. It's then over to Betty for her special contribution to the cause. Betty continues the good work started by Maggie, taking each cock deep in her mouth before being taken doggy style in the pussy. The long, the short, the fat, the thin, the old, the young, Betty takes them all filling her mouth, pussy and arse, singly and in pairs, with Maggie working away in the background as a fluffer to ensure a good supply of hard cock. After 90 minutes of sucking and fucking the guys cover Betty from head to toe in spunk, but there's no need for a shower - Maggie is there to lick her clean.

If you can overlook the continuity errors, with Betty's stockings appearing and disappearing between shots, and the repetitive 90 minute drum solo soundtrack, this film shows just how dirty Betty can be with twenty cocks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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