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Released: 2003
Director: Shaw Ricks
Notes: Lord Perious Productions, 88 mins
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Running time: 88 mins.

Bizarre Peroxide Tales has six girls (Roxanne Hall, Ashley Long, Angel-Long, Malitia, Lana Coxx and Britiney Sky) in five 20-minute scenes with the tenuous link that all the girls are blonde.

Roxanne Hall appears in the first scene as a prisoner dressed in blue denim being visited by her boyfriend. Butch-looking Malitia the prison guard, demands that Roxanne worships her pussy and arse before being allowed near her boyfriend. In return the warder examines Roxanne's pussy with her fingers and tongue looking for hidden contraband. The guard's attention then turns to the boyfriend and she sucks his cock and plays with his balls whilst all Roxanne can do is play with herself. The warder is then taken doggy style so she can observe and lick Roxanne's pussy. Eventually Roxanne is allowed to have some cock, but after a quick pussy pounding the warden jumps in to take the load in her mouth. As a reward for being good the warder gives Roxanne a spunk-swapping kiss before taking her back to the cells.

Ashley and Angel are together in the last scene, playing with each other whilst computer geek Tommy Gunn hammers away at the keyboard. The girls continue to sample each other's pussies and beckon Tommy to do some hammering on them. Reluctantly he joins in. It's now time to see which Long can take cock furthest down their throats. (I think it's a draw). Ashley is first to have her pussy filled with man meat and between strokes Angel darts in to taste the juices. It's then Angel's turn for pussy pounding with Ashley providing the tongue work. The scene ends with both girls taking cream over their faces.

Whilst well shot and well performed, the content of the film doesn't reflect the title. The film gives the appearance of a compilation of scenes which had been rejected from other movies and doesn't hang together right. Finally a gripe about the cover. The list of actresses on the box (with the exception of Ashley and Angel) bears no resemblance to those in the film. If the title on the film hadn't come up I would have sworn the manufacturers had put the wrong DVD in the box.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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