< Betty Swollocks (Dirty Bitch), Volume 3 : Shopaholic Cockaholic DVD available

Released: 2003
Alternate Titles
  • Betty's geile Shoppingtour DVD available
  • Betty's Horny Shopping
  • Cockaholic DVD available USA, VCA
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Claire Brown, as our eponymous heroine, is shopping in Oxford Street. Beneath her leather trenchcoat she is dressed, very 70's, in matching white boob tube, hotpants and knee boots. Betty is a female Big Willy, so the production is very similar with Betty always on the lookout for a shag and filmed by a (female) photographer who she chats with throughout.

In the first scene she is in a changing room which Stephanie wants to share while she tries on a black lacy dress. The dress doesn't stay on long as Claire wants to get into her knickers. Claire fingers and licks Stephanie's pussy, who returns the favour before Claire produces a long double ended dildo. Neither girl takes much more than an inch or so, but they do get into some athletic poses trying. Individual vibrators are then produced and side by side both girls stick them up their own and each other's bums. The scene ends in typical Big Willy fashion with the girls discovery and swift exit.

A bit further along the road Claire slips down an alley and finds two guys peeing against a wall, within moments she has their cocks in her mouth and then in her pussy. During the action a third, black, guy appears and joins in, although in his case he uses a condom to prevent his girlfriend smelling Betty on his cock (you could give it a wash mate). Most positions are attempted and the scene ends with all three coming over her tits and pussy.

Now it's time to go home, so Claire calls a mini cab, which she can only pay for in kind, so she's taken to a quiet spot for a shagging. The action starts outside and, once her white pants are off, she's fucked from behind. It starts to rain quite hard so the pair get inside the car (it's a people-carrier) where some hard sex continues in all positions including anal. The scene ends with the driver coming over her bum.

Claire leaves the cab naked to walk home, but she is dressed by the time they reach the staircase of the flats where she lives. Simone-Claire is on the stairs getting very frisky with a disguised Omar. Dressed in a short purple satin dress and pants she looks very sexy indeed and the sex with Omar begins before she's undressed. The pair take advantage of the stairs and bannisters to do some very vigorous fucking and the scene ends with them both covered in sweat and Simone's face in spunk.

Claire can be very dirty, but here she never seems to be enjoying what she does, unlike Simone who completely upstages her and shows what the film could have been like if the other four guys had fucked her.

Review by Bayleaf

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