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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Vince Voyeur - basically a line putting new or newish girls through their paces.

Vid features Angel - looking wonderful in her tight shorts and vincevoyeur.com top. She explains she's not new to the biz but is new to working with Vince - phew what a relief, I thought they were going to have to send her home! :-)

Angel chats for a minute or two and then down to action with a black guy, joined a few minutes later by a white guy. Very nice blowjob, followed by a bit of throat fucking (handled with aplomb by our heroine), straight sex and then anal with each guy in turn. There is A2M (with fingers and cock) and it ends up with a couple of facials - tho' the black guy is so excited he overshoots so much that the studio probably had to be redecorated!

The main winner of the scene tho' is Angel - very beautiful and delivering a masterclass in dirty talking - if you like that then you need to see this! I couldn't help thinking tho' that it was the guys who got 'broke in' by this scene not our Angel - they were knackered by the end while she still looked fresh as a daisy!

Review by Crimpo

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