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Released: 2002
Director: Steve Perry
Notes and Reviews

Ben introduces this video from his bathroom in the Golden Tulip Hotel in Amsterdam, he's in town to audition some new girls at the Interclimax porn factory.

At the studios he is met by Mark (of Fuck Truck Fame, not the OEJ one), who takes him inside to meet Nathalie, a slim blonde Russian girl who speaks no English and literally trembles with anticipation. Ben starts stripping the girl but soon Pascal leaps into shot wearing just a towel and gets down to business.

The studios are vast and open plan with several sets where various models are performing, presumably for live websites, and the camera strays from time to time. Also, this being Amsterdam, there are no curtains at the windows so the neighbours get excellent free shows - as do other visitors and models that stroll by during filming.

Pascal is joined by Fabrice who gets a bj while Pascal delivers an anal. In an unguarded moment Nathalie gives Pascal a bj and Fabrice slips in with a second anal quickie. The scene ends with three separate facials.

Sandra is another foreign girl whose English seems better, as she takes direction, but says only two words throughout (hello and yes!). Using a gymnasium set, Sandra acts the coy schoolgirl with her hair in pigtails. Pascal does the honours with Fabrice, although only Pascal does anal, the scene ends with a very messy 3 cock facial.

Once again the camera cuts away during the action to another girl in a shower set alongside, where a blonde girl is dildoing herself in front of a webcam. Two or three other guys are operating a second camera too.

Scene three opens with a walk through the open-plan area again where we first meet Sylvia, a chunky Russian redhead, who is working on her laptop. Ben goes downstairs with Pascal to the Bar where Mark is filming a clothed Thai girl called Kim. Kim is soon down to her trainers with Pascal and they get down to it on a sofa and bar stools. Fabrice appears with Sylvia and a foursome follows with Mark on second camera. Kim gets a cowgirl dp then both girls get reverse cowgirl anals side by side swiftly followed by facials.

Finally Sarah Daykin and Alicia Rhodes as Angela arrive straight from the station, suitcases in hand. The girls change into stockings and suspender/basques and start with Pascal. Just as one thinks this might be too much for Pascal, Marino arrives and the boys get down to business and swap partners. Marino then takes the second camera (is he getting old?) while Pascal proceeds to anal with both girls. Halfway through Sarah goes to the bathroom where she pees into a washbasin, then its back to the bed for more anal and a finale of facials for the girls.

Top porn from the master in a very interesting location, but my big reservation is the foreign girls. Most of Ben's foreign totty in the past have had reasonable English, so they can join in the banter, not so in this case where four girls hardly manage a sentence between them.

Review by Bayleaf

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