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Barry's Mucky Videos BG5 - Mel & Matt

Mel [6], a gorgeous dark skinned Mauritian beauty, is busy in the kitchen and suddenly interrupted by Matt who whips her flimsy nightie off and squirts cream all over her, licking it all off. Lots of oral here from both which then proceeds to full sex on the worktops and kitchen floor and a generous facial cumshot, which the lovely Mel laps up, with the aid of yet more cream!

The second scene features the same couple and is a longer version of the scene that can be found on Your Choice's "Viewers Wives 26", nice solo girl with dildo. Matt appears and shags her on the bed, cumshot on tits. Both are well shot and well lit scenes.

Tony & Sharon (Barry's Mucky Videos BG2) & Nikki & Phil (Barry's Mucky Videos BG9) (Both unlisted)

Never seen either of the following girls in any scenes before, although someone else may have? Sharon, a slim brunette thirtysomething, dressed in a velvety dress and gloves to match, does a strip then gets fucked on the sofa, then in the bedroom, Tony cums on her shaved pussy. Then Nikki & Phil, a younger couple, get straight into it in the second scene in what looks like the same room, facial cumshot. There is a second scene featuring Nikki & Phil which starts with slim blonde Nikki playing with her pierced nipples in the bath, then joined by Phil, fucks her again in the bathroom, then again in the bedroom, internal cumshot here.

All in all, excellent quality genuine homemade footage, not the same old rehashed stuff there seems to be so much of nowadays.

Review by Arnold

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