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Released: 2002
Notes and Reviews

This is an Omar Williams production. The whole series is big on style; the sets, the costumes, the lighting, the camerawork and the editing. While I commend the first four, a little less editing and post-production effects would, in my opinion, be most welcome.

At the end Omar is credited (plus others) with camera, costumes, sets, stills and editing and solely as producer and director and he appears in a couple of scenes too. Possibly this is spreading Mr Williams' talents too thinly.

Each scene is a self-contained episode, has a title and gives performers' names.

  • Scene 1, Birthday Cake: Suzi Wildin is resplendent all in white: basque, fishnets, knickers. Omar arrives with a birthday cake and burning candles and has sex with her on a large brass bed. The energy that could be generated between these two is somewhat dissipated by the incessant cutting back and forth.
  • Scene 2, Mechanic: Phillipe is the mechanic in question who is lounging amongst the car parts in a scrapyard, which is probably the same as in Scrapyard Sluts. A scantily clad Ashley Long strides through the wrecks and loses what few clothes she has (apart from her shoes). Sex takes place on and off the cars and includes anal. Phillipe keeps his overalls on throughout and at the end wipes his dick on a bit of scrim before popping it away as Ashley strides off naked.
  • Scene 3, Pyjamas: Jessica Henty lies on a bed in her undies, she is soon joined by Jacqui Duerden who is wearing just a bra and T-shirt (which are, I suppose, her pj's) and a reasonably erotic lesbian scene follows. Soon Ian Tate arrives and fucks them. Both girls have fuller figures, but while Jessica, tanned and naked, seems to revel in the sex in all positions including anal, Jacqui looks a little uncomfortable, keeping her kit on and getting it doggy only.
  • Scene 4, Tyres: The first shot of Rachel Sykes (as Kali), posing in a stars and stripes leotard and bandana set against a mountain of tyres, is very arousing. Faye Rampton arrives wearing a bright red stetson, white fishnets (and not much else) and a lesbian scene follows. The girls provide a very good show, especially when a gold dildo is introduced, which the girls use in all their holes.
  • Scene 5, Dinner Table: Omar and Frazer Fox are dining in a private room. Their waitress, Catriana, is wearing just stockings, suspenders and a white pinny. Soon the food is forgotten and Catriana is being screwed by both guys including a cowgirl dp. Once again the incessant cutting mixes the action, so naked performers are suddenly dressed again, and with two partners, the table, chairs and the floor, the action darts all over the place.

Omar's attempts to give straightforward porn a bit of style are to be welcomed. I particularly like the costumes, which are often kept on, or partly on, throughout. But the editing is intrusive and actually detracts from the enjoyment. More camerawork and less editing please.

Review by Bayleaf

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